The ‘Sex Education Syllabus’

Recently the Government of India has proposed the age of consensual Sex from 18 years to 16 Years.

It is also talking about ‘Sex education ‘ to children.

This has sparked off a controversy.

The Elite(?) are for Sex Education while the other Group opposing it.

What is Sex Education?

Let’s see  its Definition.

Burt defined sex education as the study of the characteristics of beings; a male and female.[1] Such characteristics make up the person’s sexuality. Sexuality is an important aspect of the life of a human being and almost all the people including children want to know about it.[citation needed] Sex education includes all the educational measures which in any way may of life[clarification needed]that have their center on sex. He further said that sex education stands for protection, presentation extension, improvement and development of the family based on accepted ethical ideas. Leepson sees sex education as instruction in various physiological, psychological and sociological aspects of sexual response and reproduction.[2] Kearney also defined sex education as “involving a comprehensive course of action by the school, calculated to bring about the socially desirable attitudes, practices and personal conduct on the part of children and adults, that will best protect the individual as a human and the family as a social institution. Thus, sex education may also be described as “sexuality education”, which means that it encompasses education about all aspects of sexuality, including information about family planningreproduction (fertilizationconception and development of the embryo and fetus, through to childbirth), plus information about all aspects of one’s sexuality including: body imagesexual orientationsexual pleasurevaluesdecision makingcommunicationdatingrelationshipssexually transmitted infections (STIs) and how to avoid them, and birth control methods.[3] Various aspect of sex education are to right[clarification needed] in school depending on the age of the students or what the children are able to comprehend at a particular point in time. Rubin and Kindendall expressed that sex education is not merely a unit in reproduction and teaching how babies are conceived and born. It has a far richer scope and goal of helping the youngster incorporate sex most meaningfully into his present and future life, to provide him with some basic understanding on virtually every aspect of sex by the time he reaches full maturity.[4](Wiki)

Shorn of jargon, it is about teaching what Sex is about.

You may notice the definition needs ‘citation’ for sensuality.

If you can not define what sexuality is, which I am sure we can not define as we can hunger and other instincts,how does one go about it?

Sensuality and Sex appeal are the fundamentals of Sex.

Sex education includes all the educational measures which in any way may of life[clarification needed]that have their center on sex

Sex Education in Schools.
Sex Education in Schools.

* Look at the expression in the Image above!

Same confusion in definition.


 family planning,

 reproduction (fertilization, conception and development of the embryo and fetus, through to childbirth),

plus information about

all aspects of one’s sexuality including:

body image,

 sexual orientation,

sexual pleasure,






sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

and how to avoid them,

body image


 and birth control.


fertilization, conception and development of the embryo and fetus, through to childbirth.

The topics  are  taught in Biology already.

Now Communication is taught as a Soft Skill or they talking about intercourse being taught in Communication Skill?

So is decision making.

Onto Sexual Pleasures and Orientation.

How do you explain Sexual Pleasure ?

That ‘Straight Sex’ is more pleasurable than , say gay Sex,Lesbianism, Sadism,BDSM, Fellatio and other designated Perversions?

Wait, people might take objection to my grouping gay sex and lesbianism  with perversions for most countries have legalized it.

How does one compare?

By trying out each one of them?

And how do you decide which age group can understand what?

under the guise of Sex Education what is about to happen is the detailed Illustration of all perverse sexual activities and a suggestion that it might not be good for the individual and the Society, in the passing.

Absolute rubbish.

If people want to delude , by introducing Sex education  they would be barring the Sex Information available on the Internet, …well and in fact give the children all the Information under one head with official legal sanction!


A government review has, as expected, ruled that sex education in schools will from 2011 be taught as part of the personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) curriculum. This means that children will learn about sex in the broader context of relationships, homosexuality, marriage, civil partnerships, divorce and abortion, rather than simply as the biological facts of puberty and reproduction formerly taught in science classes. This new form of sex education will also become the norm in both primary and secondary schools, and for children aged 15 and up, it will be compulsory, regardless of parental objection.


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