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In cookery/receipes on March 10, 2013 at 10:50

In India Meals are not ‘rustled up’ or assembled in jiffy by adding some packaged foods, at least in the traditional Homes.

An Organised Kitchen would make even the most elaborate preparation can take only the least cooking time if the kitchen  and the ingredients are well-organized.

In Indian Homes, especially in the South, we have a five partitioned container called ‘அஞ்சறைப்பெட்டி ‘ ,meaning Five- partitioned Container.

Anjarai Petti.

They contain Pepper, Mustard , Fengureek ,Cumin ,pigeon-pea(துவரம் பருப்பு ).

Depending on usage these might vary as also the number of Compartments.

No Indian cooking can be done with out these ingredients.

Keep this and other ingredients like Red Chilies, Bengal Gram ,Salt , Chilli powder,Asafoetida and Tamarind.

And keep the cooking utensils handy .

Read the Info-graphics.


Kitchen Guide.

Arrange your Kitchen for Functionality.

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