Man Falls From Icy Snowdnia Mountain In Tact Video

Mark  Roberts, a Climber fell down from the peak of Snowdonia Mountain.

His fall was video-graphed by his Helmet Camera.

“For 30 seconds, Roberts is seen plunging from the Parsley Fern Gully at Cwm Glas.

He hits rocks and flips over as he tumbles from his spot and loses his axes.

After coming to a halt on a ledge, Roberts takes a few moments to catch his breath before – understandably – uttering: ‘That f****** hurt.’

Climber falls from Snowdonia Mountains.
Climber falls from Snowdonia Mountains.

Roberts was rescued by the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team within half an hour of his fall on February 24 and came away with a twisted ankle and bruises after being airlifted by an RAF search and rescue team from 22 Squadron on Anglesey, the same team that Prince William serves on.”



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