China Has Ethnic Communities in Theme Parks

Ghetto‘ is the Legacy of Hitler in his attempt to Final Solution.

The term gained notoriety when Polish Jews were rounded up in an area and annihilated.

Warsaw,Poland Ghetto.
Warsaw,Poland Ghetto.

Now it is turn of China to use ghettos.

China, Ghetto Apartments.
China, Ghetto Apartments.

China ,as usual , refined the concept.

It lodges Ethnic Minorities in Theme Parks!

Human Rights Organisations and US the champions of Liberty, where art Thou?


An Uyghur dance at the Splendid China Park. Hong Kong.
An Uyghur dance at the Splendid China park.Just out side Hong Kong.

So why does anyone bother getting annoyed about this commie Thorpe Park? Well, looked at through the viewfinder of political and cultural repression in Tibet and Xinjiang, it starts to seem a little more sinister. Unsurprisingly, the curators of Splendid China’s Tibetan and Uyghur villages have decided to omit any of the political and ethnic strife prevalent in reality. There aren’t many self-immolating monks featured in the “China Central Song and Dance Ensemble of Ethnic Groups”, either. Nah, it’s mostly fun stuff like yaks and butter churning performed by smiling staff, and – suffice to say – Buddhism and Islam don’t get much of a look in.

Kate Saunders, Communications Director at the International Campaign for Tibet, reckons that Splendid China is an example of the Chinese authorities’ attempts to “commodify and market Tibetan culture”, while at the same time stamping down “almost any expression of Tibetan identity and culture” not officially sanctioned by the CPC. She tells me that the Chinese authorities “seek to dominate representations of Tibetan culture in order to assert ownership of Tibet”

A good example of the bizarre official narrative represented by Splendid China is the video of Peng Liyuan, wife of CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping, singing the “Laundry Song”. It’s a propaganda classic about how the People’s Liberation Army saved Tibetans from the unspeakable horrors of self-governance, but presumably isn’t considered a classic by the Dalai Lama.

Chinese propaganda about Tibet and Xinjiang – be it in theme park form or spouted by a CPC official – can often seem more than a little creepy. The Chinese government is doing some good things in the country’s western provinces, but altruistic imperialism is still imperialism. But what’s amazing is that while suicidal monks and political repression have led to hand wringing in Washington and London, in Beijing, the sinicisation project is perceived as a success. After all, Tibet is on course to be a majority Han province in the near future, effectively colonising local support for China.





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