Alien In Womb Video

Stephen Hannard ADGUK regularly uploads UFO Alien related information, especially Videos.

I received a notification of a new Video.

It shows the face of an Alien in th Womb of a pregnant Woman.

It has a large head, eyes nose and Mouth,has a thick mop of hair.

Can some one check whether this Video is a hoax?


Baby in the Womb. Alien?
Baby in the Womb. Alien?

Published on Mar 8, 2013

Mother-to-be Anne Clewlow was stunned when she received an ultrasound scan of her baby and saw this ghostly face alongside it staring back at her.

Grainy markings next to the picture of her womb appear to form a giant human head with two eyes, a nose, a mouth, ears and neck.

The alien-like face even appears to have a mop of dark-coloured hair.

Despite the spooky appearance of the face, Ms Clewlow, 34, is treating it as a guardian angel who is watching over her unborn child.

Ms Clewlow, from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, was nine weeks pregnant when she had the routine hospital scan for her second child.

An operations manager, she said: ‘When I had the ultrasound and looked at the screen, I didn’t see anything unusual but when it was printed it was obvious.

At first I brushed it off and thought it was just one of those things but after I looked at it a few times I couldn’t deny there was nothing there because it is just so vivid.

I don’t think there is anybody I have shown it to who hasn’t pointed it out. Some people have been a bit freak out by it.

It looks like a bald man. I don’t know anyone in my family who looks like that so I just think it is something of a guardian angel.

Although I’m not religious I do think it could be something watching over my baby.’
Ms Clewlow, who has a 10-year son, Ryan, is due to give birth to her second child in August.…


2 thoughts on “Alien In Womb Video

  1. I don’t know man.
    I personally think it’s a hoax, can’t comment on the originality.

    But but but, this post attracted me due to its title, ‘alien’, I am a newbie in the blogging world, but have chosen aliens as my theme, just in a slightly different manner than usual.


    1. I provide this type of information with trepidation.
      I have asked for opinion as to the originality of thr Video.
      Considering the information on UFO ans Alien emerging, these things can not be swept aside
      Please see posts on UFO , Alien Other Universes filed under Astrophysics.


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