Locusts Invade Detroit Israel

Detroit, US was invaded By Locusts on 4 March 2013 ,according to Weekly World News.

Invasion by pests is not new.

Russia , China have been worst affected by this, along with Israel in the past.

Locusts invade Detroit.
Locusts invade Detroit.
Locusts in Detroit.
Locusts in Detroit.


A swarm of locusts covered Detroit yesterday, raising fears that Chicago could be next.

Michigan authorities sent out drones to spray pesticides over the city to prevent damage by the swarm, which numbers about 50,000 locusts, said a spokeswoman for the City of Detroit.

The locust alert comes on the eve of the bankruptcy of Detroit. “First there was the collapse of the auto industry, then there was the financial collapse and the bankruptcy of the city and now… locusts,” said longtime resident, Jimmy Bellicort.






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