Indian Intel Agency Reveal Data to ISI On Phone

Intelligence Agencies capacity to maintain secrecy stands exposed as report cam in disclosing that an NSG Officer disclosed the security details to some one on Telephone on the asking of the SOC (scene of crime ) of Hyderabad  terrorist blast details.

Hyderabad , India Bomb blast
Hyderabad , India Bomb blast

The man who asked for this is an ISI Agent of Pakistan!

There was another report that the Collector also disclosed details on about the scene of crime on the telephone to another Telephone call.

It is a waste of money to invest in Technology on Intelligence gathering if the people who man it remain stupid or traitors or both.

Many may not believe it that the issue of security in sensitive deference and research establishments in India is a myth.

I had been working on Projects and had to meet with the top officials of the Defense and Airport Security establishments on various occasions.

Once I had been toLRDE and ADE(Electronics and Radar Development Establishment;Aeronautical Developement Establishment,  Bangalore).

The security in these establishments are very strict, on paper.

You were supposed to identify yourself at the Security at the gate,, then they check with the person whom you are supposed to meet up with and they issue a with a pass, which is be signed by the person whom you want to see.

This has to be surrendered at the security while on your return.

I had visited both these establishments many a times without any thing and walked away scot-free.

The curious fact is that I knew of none in the organisations!

The same thing happened in IAAI , Chennai Airport and at Naval Air Force Station near Mandapam, Tamil Nadu, th last one being classified as a very sensitive installation dedicated to monitoring of the Coastal areas in the South and a listening post of Intentional Communications!

In the present case  a mere telephone call had done the trick!

As a test case you try calling any of these sensitive departments, give yourself a fancy Military  Title and you get the information.

An incident was narrated by an ex defence officer in TimesNow channel while breaking the story as mentioned below.

When Lal Bahadur Shastri died in Tashkent, Kumaramangalam , the then Chief of Staff of the Indian Army called indian Army headquarters on an open line and said

‘I am Kumaramangalam’

The Duty officer replied’

‘If you are Kumaramangalam , then I am The Queen of England’ and cut the Phone!

That was security with out sophisticated devices.

The joke is the Government is ordering an enquiry.

What is there to inquire into?

Just get the chaps and place them in the slammer.

Worse is that the memo containing this lapse is in the possession of TimesNow News Channel!

A telephone call originating from Pakistan to an officer of the elite National Security Guards (NSG) seeking information about Hyderabad blasts has led security agencies to make a fresh push for blocking of Internet telephony.

The call to the Major-rank NSG officer, who is on deputation from Army, was termed as “not alarming” but the incident has raised questions about adherence of ‘Do’s and Dont’s’ being issued from time to time by central security agencies.

The NSG has instituted an inquiry to ascertain the cause of lapse in the incident wherein a suspected ISI agent called the EPBX of the NSG office here and asked for the Major, who reportedly talked about the movement of the ‘Black Cats’ to the site of the twin blasts thinking it was a senior officer at the other end as conveyed to him.


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