Elders Being Killed In India

What is more shocking is the revelation by a Field worker of an NGO  that the Elders are being killed in the Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu,India much in the manner of Infanticide where in tamil Nadu they resort to killing Female children by கள்ளிப்பால் the administering   juice of  Cactaceae.

The Elders are killed by giving them Tender coconut Water and splashing them with very cold water , this is called ‘water splashing,தண்ணி சாத்துதல்  .

Elders Abuse
Elders Abuse

The other method seems to be  by administering poison injection!

Madurai, the Temple Town of India and Kanyakumari District have this dubious distinction with Cuddalore.

Having had a look at the Statistics, we might look at the problem

The problem as enumerated by the Elders.

The problem of Solitude.

One of the main causes for depression among the elderly is that their children do not spend much time with them even if they happen to live in with them.

Another grouse is that children have left for abroad to pursue their careers.

As one grows old whether it is your son or yourself your perspective and the equation of relationships undergo a subtle change.

Children have their own official pressure, financial commitment and they have their own wife and children to cope up with.

It is not fair to expect that the children behave and communicate with us the same way they have been with us after marriage.

Wish those who complain on these lines might ask themselves  how they have been with their parents and if their parents were to be alive, they would be leveling the same charges against them.

As to children going abroad, the children have a whole life head of them and now thy they have opportunities to earn more by going abroad, which we did not get at our time.

So it is a question of one understanding what is good for the children at the economic front.

Do not for a moment imagine that the children do not think of these problems and are selfish.

In fact my son hesitated for even applying when an opportunity was awaiting. worrying as to how to leave me and my wife alone.

I advised him that at most I might live for about 10 or 15 more years , he has a future to look forward o and that i had been taking care of myself and my wife before he was born!

As to me being old I informed him that there are so many in the World without children and even if they have, for some reason or other could not live with them, all not because of abuse.

I also told him , in the final analysis,one has come alone, lives alone and leaves alone, as a matter of fact.

I think this seems to be a practical way of looking at the problem.

Some parents are not interested to live abroad because they feel they would miss our society and Country.

If you are not prepared to make any compromises at an old age, is it fair to expect youngsters to do so?

Best is to develop an interest in something other than sentimental attachment to Family and go about doing what you love doing but were unable to during your early years.

A gentle man stated that he has Sugar, had knee problem , he has been provided with TV,Laptop ,and all other facilities, and children respect him ‘ yet says he depressed because he has been asked by the Doctors and the family not to work!

What does one say to him?

Children do not respect.

I think there is point in this.

They tend to disrespect elders even when it is not warranted.

They should remember that they would also become old one day.

As to elders, do not offer advice or opinions  and interfere in the daily running of the family.

We have been doing it for nearly 30-40 years!

Why not leave it to other and relax?

A bed-ridden 108-year-old woman was allegedly raped by her son’s friend at home in Jabalpur town when the rest of her family was out shopping on December 4. The crime was disclosed to HT on Friday by the president of the Jabalpur unit of the Mahila Congress after she took up the matter with Madhya Pradesh director general of police SK Rout in Bhopal.

The accused, Gopi Ahirwar, 45, a waiter in a hotel, lives in the same locality of Sita Pahad in Jabalpur cantonment and was a regular visitor to the victim’s home.

The victim, whose son is a daily wager, lives in the servant’s quarter of an army officer’s house. The victim’s granddaughter said, “As usual, we left the door open before leaving for the market that day as neighbours and relatives often visit our house to see my grandmother.”




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One thought on “Elders Being Killed In India”

  1. I read about this practice in Tamil Nadu last year from a newspaper article. In fact, the date is announced for all the old friends to come & see the old man & bid him farewell. Poverty has a major role to play in this barbaric practice common in some of the southern districts of Tamil Nadu.


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