Bicycle Rod In Boy’s Anus: And Other Weird Objects

In a freak accident a Boy’s Anus got stuck into a Bicycle rod in China.

The Rod was later removed in the Hospital and the Boy escaped with no injury!(Hufffington Post)


Live Ammunition in Anus;

 Live Ammunition
Live Ammunition
Vibrator and Salad Tongs
Getting a vibrator stuck in his bum wasn’t enough to send this man to the ER. He simply attempted to remove the stuck object by using a pair of salad tongs. Trouble is, then the tongs got stuck, too
.Ringing Cell Phone in The Anus.
A lawyer (what is it with lawyers?) from Georgia was reportedly showering with his cell phone, when he slipped and fell, getting the phone lodged firmly up his backside. During the surgery to remove the phone, the device rang three more times.Ringing Cell Phone in the Anus.

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