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The morning after award-winning reporter Bob Woodward took on the White House, he was arrested and sent to Guantanamo.

The White House is serious about reporters writing negative articles, or challenging,  the President.  This morning, Bob Woodward was awakened by FBI agents, who arrested him and put him on a plane for Guantanamo, Cuba.

“Bob Woodward has engaged in illegal activities that we have yet to identify,” a White House source told WWN.  “We don’t know the extent that Woodward is involved in this as-yet-identified action, but we do know that it is serious and we expect him to be in Guantanamo for at least four years.”

US journalist Bob Woodward takes part in

In an email to Woodward, Obama economic adviser Gene Sperling apologized for raising his voice at Woodward in a phone call but then proceeded to say Woodward would “regret” it if he pursued his story — about whether Obama had moved the goalposts…

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