Rape of Tamil Women By Sri Lanka, Human Rights Watch Report

Human Rights watch released a Video of rape victim of Sri Lankan Armed Forces.

it has also released a 146 page report on The

Cases of Rape and Other Sexual Violence by Sri Lankan Security Forces, 2006-2012.

I am posting excerpts and the Link for the full Report is provided at the end of the post.

As usual Sri Lanka has come out with a denial.

Rape of Tamil Women in Sri Lanka
Rape of Tamil Women in Sri Lanka

The Denial.(IBN Live)

‘Responding to the claims, Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasooriya, Sri Lankan military spokesman said the content providers for the report were those who had applied for political asylum in the West.

“These are fabrications to justify their claims for asylum. The army is ready to investigate if there are proper complaints”, Wanigasooriya said

He said the government has resettled about 300,000 displaced people in the conflict while another nearly 12,000 LTTE ex-cadres had been rehabilitated and reintegrated into society. “No one has made any complaint of rape”, he said.

The report quotes HRW’s Brad Adams as saying “The Sri Lankan security forces have committed untold number of rapes of Tamil women and men in custody”



Published on Feb 26, 2013

(London, February 26, 2013) — Sri Lankan security forces have been using rape and other forms of sexual violence to torture suspected members or supporters of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. While widespread rape in custody occurred during the armed conflict that ended in May 2009, Human Rights Watch found that politically motivated sexual violence by the military and police continues to the present.

The 140-page report, “‘We Will Teach You a Lesson’: Sexual Violence against Tamils by Sri Lankan Security Forces,” provides detailed accounts of 75 cases of alleged rape and sexual abuse that occurred from 2006-2012 in both official and secret detention centers throughout Sri Lanka. In the cases documented by Human Rights Watch, men and women reported being raped on multiple days, often by several people, with the army, police, and pro-government paramilitary groups frequently participating.”

“We Will Teach You a Lesson”

Note on sources: in 60 of the 75 cases documented in this appendix, we spoke directly with the victim and were able to obtain medical records with the consent of the victim, corroborating the victim’s claims of rape and other sexual violence. In another 8 cases, we spoke directly with the victim and relied on sources other than medical records to corroborate his or her claims. In 3 of these 8 cases, no medico legal reports were prepared since the UK courts found the victims’ account of rape and torture credible and granted them asylum. In the remaining 5 cases, we spoke to witnesses who were present with the victim after their rape. In 7 cases, we were not able to speak directly with the victim but obtained medico-legal reports, prepared by doctors and submitted to the courts in support of their asylum claim, that provided detailed evidence of sexual abuse. For ease of presentation below, we reference medical reports in citations only in the cases in which they were our main source for the case or in which we had no access to such records.

Name: JH (all initials are pseudonyms and bear no relation to the person’s actual name)

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Date Detained: September 2012

Date Released: October 2012

Circumstances of detention: JH arrived in the UK to pursue higher studies in March 2011 and returned to Sri Lanka to attend to family matters on August 17, 2012. One evening in September 2012, JH was walking home in Colombo when a white van pulled up near him. Several men jumped out and told him to join them for an investigation. They blindfolded him and drove him for over an hour to an unknown site.


I was taken up some stairs but when they removed my blindfold I found myself in a room where four other men were present. I was tied to a chair and questioned about my links to the LTTE and the reason for my recent travel abroad. They stripped me and started beating me. I was beaten with electric wires and burned with cigarettes. My interrogators tried to asphyxiate me.[100] Later that night, I was left in a smaller room. I was raped on three consecutive days. The first night, one man came alone and anally raped me. The second and third night, two men came to my room. They anally raped me and also forced me to have oral sex with them. I signed a confession admitting my links with the LTTE after the rapes.[101]


JH’s medico legal report, on file with Human Rights Watch, notes that the physical evidence of scars on his body strongly support his account of torture. The report further adds: “the spots of dark pigmentation on his buttocks and around his anus are consistent with an infective rash which has now healed, support in my view, a situation in which he was repeatedly subjected to anal intercourse in which his skin has become lacerated and easily infected.”

JH escaped detention after his family bribed CID officials. He has since received medical care for severe anal pain.




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