Rape New Definitions, Women Rape Men

Is Rape Actual penetration?


Kissing any part?

Or Groping?

Making Lewd comments?

Or looking at a woman lecherously?
What about Women raping Men?
See the Video Reports.

I have, in my earlier posts , indicates that the definition of ‘Rape’ is very sensitive and highly complicated.

Is Rape Actual penetration?


Kissing any part?

Or Groping?

Making Lewd comments?

Or looking at a woman lecherously?

Is Rape restricted to the rape women onyl?

What if a woman, in a change of mind accuses one of Rape to frame him?

Is rape restricted to the same gender?

Consensus intercourse-how does not one define it?

How does one prove that, by taking that into writing?

These are hazy areas .

While rape of a woman is a heinous offence, so is the rape of Men.

It is accepted that in case of Rape the woman’s word is taken as the Truth.

Need not necessarily be.

Women Rape Men
Women Rape Men

Some efforts are made in the US to redefine rape.

Here is a story from The New York Times.

Provides serious food for thought.


Another decade passed before the “earnest resistance requirement,” which asked rape victims to establish that they had sufficiently fought off their assailants even when those assailants held weapons, was expunged.

Given these standards, rapists typically avoided imprisonment. There were 1,085 arrests for rape made in New York City in 1969; only 18 resulted in convictions.

The dismantling of various cultural and judicial obstacles to successful prosecution has proceeded well enough that we can now conduct civic debates about rape at the level of semantics. When former Representative Todd Akin of Missouri and other Republican politicians betrayed outrageous ignorance of the meaning and consequences of the crime last year, Americans responded with a virtually uniform voice of reproof and disgust at their language. “Rape is rape” was the meme quickly ignited to counter the lunacy.

And yet in some sense, the crisp clarity of that phrase is belied, however inadvertently, by a burgeoning progressive movement to broaden the legal understanding of the term. Last year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation changed its definition of “forcible rape” to include other types of sexual attacks when it gathers statistics.

Currently, there are two proposals in the State Legislature that seek to alter our thinking.

One, offered by Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas, Democrat of Queens, would re-categorize instances of forced oral and anal “conduct” as rape. They are currently punishable under the penal code as “criminal sexual acts,” and at the first-degree level come with the same strict sentencing guidelines that accompany rape convictions. This would not change if the bill were to become law. The move, in effect, is purely symbolic, intended to offer the victims of certain sexual crimes the permission to see themselves as survivors of rape in the eyes of the court. As Ms. Simotas has said: “No one goes around saying they were criminally sexually acted upon. Rape is a powerful word.”

This is indisputable, but we might deploy the same reasoning to argue that the power it levies, despite our best efforts, is stigmatizing and that our use of the word ought to be ratcheted down rather than up. As it happens, various states have eliminated the term rape from criminal codes in favor of more clinical language.



“Some of the newspapers mentioned that after I saw the guy masturbating, I didn’t report it. I did. I reported it,” the woman said in an interview outside her apartment on the Upper West Side. “There was a park ranger who came by, and I stopped him immediately and showed him the picture. And I said: ‘Look at this picture. This guy is in the Ramble.’ And the ranger said, ‘Oh, O.K., I’ll look out for him.’ ”

The rangers, who work for the New York City parks department, have the power to make arrests and issue citations with their primary responsibility being to ensure that people abide by park rules. The ranger walked toward the Ramble, and the woman believed she had done all she was supposed to.

“I felt that was enough,” she said.

Vickie Karp, a spokeswoman for the parks department, referred questions about whether the victim approached a ranger and what rangers’ responsibilities in such situations are to the Police Department.


Women Rape Men.

Former U.S. Marine James Landrith joined HuffPost Live to tell his story of being raped by a pregnant woman decades ago. As host Mike Sacks points out, female sexual predators are often depicted as objects of teenage fantasy in popular culture, but this ignores the fact that men can be victims of rape by women.

Earlier this year, the United States government updated its official definition of rape to include any gender of the victim and perpetrator.

Watch Video in the Link:



Author: ramanan50

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3 thoughts on “Rape New Definitions, Women Rape Men”

    1. The gist is.
      There is no clear definition of Rape.a woman’s word is enough to charge one with Rape.
      In case of ‘Consented’ Intercourse a woman can say it is rape later, even with Husband-
      There is nothing said about the rape of Men by Women. in Law.
      There is statistical evidence that rape of Men by women is significantly high.
      I have provided facts in support of these points.


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