Birth Cleansing Rites Hinduism

Let us look at this in detail.


As many people from India are settled abroad, leaving their kith and kin including parents(mainly parents, in some case care of Glorified Orphan’s Home called Retirement Homes,by settling monthly Bills), some information for those who are abroad.

If Soothakam(  சூதகம்,that is the Uncleanliness out of Birth in the Family,if theRrites are not performed or the period of Uncleanliness remain unobserved, there is nothing to worry.


But if it is Asaucham-மரணத் தீட்டு days of Uncleanliness is to observed for the period equivalent normally prescribed, from the Date of hearing the news of Death

This applies even when a Srardha is due for parents.


Uncleanliness Period for Birth.

NamaKarnam Cermony
NamaKarnam Cermony


1.If the Birth is from the Father’s side , Sraradha should not be performed,

It can be performed after 11th day.

Ten Days of Uncleanness-whatever be the  child, male or Female.


The Child’s Brothers and Sisters.

For those who are born to other Wives of their father.

Brothers’ Wives.

Father, Paternal,Grand Father,Paternal Uncles,

Paternal Uncle’s sons.

Paternal Grand Father’s Brothers.

Paternal Grand Father’s First Cousins( from his Father’s side) and wives of these

All these are to observe ten Days of Uncleanness.

From The Child’s Mother’s side- Three days Uncleanness.

For The Child’s-

Maternal Grand parents, irrespective of where the delivery took place.

One Day Uncleanness.

Mother’s side.

Mother’s Brothers.

Maternal Uncles,Maternal Cousins of the Mother.- wherever the delivery takes place..

No period of Uncleanness is to be observed after Ten days.

For The Child’s Mother.

30 Days if the Child is Male and 40 Days if Female.

After this period,the Mother has to wear a new Mangalya Sutra,take a Panchakavyand start handling vessels and enter into house hold duties.


During Asaucha period,only  Snanam (Bath) ans Sandhyavandhana can be performed.

Other duties like Surya namaskaram,Aupaasanam( DailyFire Worship),Brahma Yagnam.Deva Pooja,Dhaana and Prathigraha should be performed after the 13 th Day.



V.Soma Deav Sharma.

Vaidhyanatha Dheekshideeyam’Aasaucha Kaandam.



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