Who Controls The World,Economy Gold Petroleum

There are a couple of things which defy Logic and common sense.

For instance,

The ever Increasing price of Gold.

The Price of Petroleum Products.


Gold Bullion Vault.
Gold Bullion Vault.

Gold price as all of us are aware is going up every day and if the price dips by Rs 20 in a day, it raises by about 60-70 rupees the next Day .

The economists tell us, if the price of Gold goes up the price of essential commodities and other items will shoot up.

They do.

Well, if the price of Gold drops, what would you expect?

The price of commodities must come down, right?

No,They keep rising.

The same economists tell us that, if the price of Gold goes up,Demand goes up(?)  as more people want Gold, expecting the Gold price to go up and the  Price of commodities also go further up because of Inflation!

We know in general, though there are exceptions,common people try to avoid buying Gold when the prices are high and wait till they come down.

This does not happen.

Then people are bombarded with news items after news item that the price of Gold is likely to go up, thus hastening people to buy up.

Few know that these news items are planted and in most cases news time is bought for(this is different from advertisement;while in an  advertisement, you know it is;in paid news it is innocuous and it is read as part of News).

To boost artificial demand of Gold the Gold is purchased by Institutions as investment to back up currency.

If an ordinary man holds back buying, it sounds silly and foolish of a Banker to buy up when the Price is high.

This is a part of the strategy to drive the gold Price up.

Do you know how the Gold prices are fixed?

“The current five participants in the fixing, who must be members of the London Bullion Market Association, are:



What about Petroleum Prices?

These are fixed by the US Oil companies in collusion with their competitors( !)(US Companies of Course) and later by the Oil Producing Countries in the Middle east Venezuela.

For namesake, the US has some Laws restricting price-fixing by the Oil Companies, which are an eyewash,(read details in Wiki Oil Price fixing).

OPEC, Organisation for Oil Exporting Countries, was formed in retaliation to Eisenhower’s Law in 1960 placing Embargo on Oil imports from Venezuela and the Persian Gulf.

This group has a different agenda.

But as time went on these countries were brought under the influence of the US for Oil.

Venezuela and Iraq were resisting.

Of these Iraq is gone under the pretext of WMD(Weapons of Mass Destruction).

Venezuela . under Hugo Chavez remaina in its refusal to bow to the US and he is being hunted and vilified by The US.


And Iran.


The Countries adjoing the Afghanistan border and hitherto a part of USSR  were also resisting but they are being arm twisted by The US



Saudi,UAE,Kuwait are mere pawns in this Oil game




OPEC and its influence on Price of Oil.




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    Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News?
    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Thanks


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