Why Offer Betel Leaves Nut Fruits in Temples

There is a query as to why the Hindus take Coconut, Betel  Leaves , Nuts and Plantains to Temples?

In Hindu Temples the Deities are offereds as Naivaedyam(refer my post on how to offer Naivedyam) various things.

Most important are the betel Leaves, Nuts and Plantains.

The was a post in Facebook yesterday that while Muslims carry The Koran, The Christians The Bible, the Hindus take Coconuts and fruits because Hindus always think of Food, even in Temples.

Nothing can be farther from The Truth.

Hinduism is not a crowd puller not does it seek popularity and does not need external expressions of Piety, in fact this is condemned by Lord Krishna in The Bhagavad Gita as’ Hypocrisy”Aashadabhooti.

Then why these the things are taken to temples and offered?

Coconut  has three Eyes , as it were.


Hinduism,more specifically Saiva Siddhartha , lists three Impediments to Spiritual Evolution.

They are:

The three eyes of the Coconut represent these three impediments to Self Realization.

When one breaks these , it is a symbolic gesture of transcending these three in the quest for Realizing Self or Godhood.

Another explanation is Saiva Siddhanta postulates Three Fundamental Entities.

Pasu(பசு ), Pathi ( பதி)  and Paasam  ( பாசம்)

Here Pathi is Siva in Saiva Siddhanta, (corresponds to Brahman),Pasu (Jivatman) and Paasam(Bondage)

Once the chain in transcended one becomes  the One of which he is a part(rather he reverts to the Original State)

Betel Leaves.

Look at the shape of the Betel leaves,


It represents the Female principle, The Potent and Latent One(Prakruthi, loosely translated as Nature )

Nuts represent Experience , the taste a mixture of sweet and bitterness.


When Nature is is expended by one by experiences he is released from Bondage.

Plantains or any Fruit , according to Indian Philosophy, represents Fruition or completion of any Effort.

These representative offerings are to remind One of the Impermanence of Life and the need to realize Self or Godhood.

This is what is behind the offerings of these to Deities in Temples.

As to carrying  Religious Books like the Koran or The Bible, to Temples, it is to be noted that Hinduism advocates Religion as Purely Personal and no Public worship is sanctioned in the Vedas.

Building Temples and collective worship is a later development by Agama System( refer my blog on Agama and Vedas)

I shall post some blogs on the type of offerings and their meanings later.

I agree that people should know Thevaaram Tiruvaasakam or Slokas by-heart and Pray at the Temple.

It should be from the heart not by referring to Books.

Please try, it is easy.

This post is not against Mr.Ilangkumaraar’s views, I understand his anguish, but to inform people that our offerings at the Temples and other practices are not illogical.

To begin with at least Switch off the Mobile Phones in the Temples.

சாட்டை அடி
“கடந்த ஞாயிறன்று என் சகோதரி, திரு.இளங்குமரனார் அவர்களின் “சால்பியம்” வகுப்பில் அவர் கேட்ட கேள்வியால் சாட்டையால் அடித்ததைப் போல் உணர்ந்தேன் என்றாள். அதை என்னிடம் சொல்ல நானும் அதையே உணர்ந்தேன். கேள்வி இதுதான்:
திரு.இளங்குமரனார்: தாங்கள் கோயிலுக்கு செல்லும்போது எதை எடுத்து

மாணவர்கள் : தேங்காய், பழம் – அர்ச்சனைக்கு

திரு.இளங்குமரனார்: கிறித்துவர்கள்?

மாணவர்கள் : பைபிள்

திரு.இளங்குமரனார்: முகமதியர்கள்?

மாணவர்கள் : திருக்குரான்

திரு.இளங்குமரனார்: நாம் எப்போதும் சாப்பாடு பற்றி நினைப்பதால் இது
போல் தேங்காய், பழம் எடுத்து செல்கிறோம். அவர்கள்
அந்த நேரமும் இறைவன் நினைப்போடு இருக்க
பைபிள் மற்றும் திருக்குரான் எடுத்து செல்கிறாற்கள்.

நாம் எப்போது தேவாரம், திருவாசகம் கோயிலுக்கு
எடுத்து செல்லப்போகிறோமோ தெரியவில்லை.
அன்று தான் இறைவனின் முழு அருளைப்




It is the practice of the Hindus to offer Food to God before taking food.

The cooked Food is placed before the image /photo of God in a vessel,normally reserved only for this purpose.

The vessel should be covered with a lid and a portion of the lid is to be open with the steam from the freshly cooked food,coming out.


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2 thoughts on “Why Offer Betel Leaves Nut Fruits in Temples

  1. all the leaves vettilai, veppilai, vilva ilai, Thulasi ilai, arukampul, etc., offered to the Gods are natural medicines and they have unbelievable curative effect.


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