Scratching, The Pleasures Of.

I am not talking metaphorically as in ‘scratchy knowledge’ or ‘scratchy information’.

I am talking of the simple ‘Scratching‘, the process of using fingernails when you feel like  various parts of your body, of not about scratching others’ literally during you know what!

The Orgiastic pleasure one gets out of it…!

I can not compare this with any thing else.

Forget the social strictures.

There are various types.

Scratching the head,Ears,Nose,Groin,palms,legs the list is as endless as there are individuals.

One’s pleasure is another’s bane.

Good manners teach us not to scratch either in Public or in Private.

Well who cares!

You suddenly get an urge to scratch your head, especially top of the head just to the right or left of the center of your head.

You have reasonable, .Nails, mind you, it should not be either too long,it would hurt, or too short,it would not do the job properly.

Preferable the hair be dry.

High tech Scratching.
High tech Scratching.

You start scratching with your nails slowly at first ans ever sl……wly increase the tempo.

Aaaa………hh…. there you have it.

Or on a winter morning, when you have forgotten to apply cream on your legs, you feel like scratching.

Repeat the process as described above.


But the marks and at times blood coming out , doesn’t matter.

The worry is for the finicky

As to other types try. you will find it exhilarating.

I do not know about groin scratching for I have not felt like it till date.

May be some have.

I strictly exclude infection caused scratching, that’s painful.


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