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Recently there was a question in Quora.com on
Hinduism: Why do Aghoris consume marijuana in some holy shrines? How is it linked with Spirituality?

My answer to the question was posted on the site.

I am providing excerpts and Link at the end of the post.

The instances of Religious sects using intoxicants and Narcotics to heighten the religious ecstasy is not new.

Religious fanatics of all Religions indulge in this practice.

They mistake the illusions and hallucinations created by these substances as Religious ecstasy .

There are also people who subscribe to the view that offering  narcotics like Marijuana,Opium is sanctioned by Hinduism.

When I had been to Ujjain to have a Darshan of Mahakaleswara, I was offered country Liquor as Prasad  which was offered earlier to the Deity.

Of course I refused to partake that.

There are also temples in North India that offer narcotics as offering to the Deities.

This has no sanction of the Vedas.

A corrupt form of Karma Kanda of the Sruthi was practiced by the Mimasakas .

It took the Life’s efforts of Adi Sankaracharya to drive away these obnoxious practices.

Here a word about the Devas or loosely Translated, Angels, being drunkards who drink Liquor.

The Avatars of Rama and Krishna were also reported to be indulging in this.

There were two types of Drinks.

One is Soma Bana and the other is Sura Bana.

The Soma Bana or the Nectar of the Plant Soma was used for Homas and  drinking Soma Bana was sanctioned as it is not an Intoxicant.

The other is Sura Bana which induces intoxication and it was classified as a Sin to drink it.

(Ref Our Texts-Rik Veda, were Soma Bana is praised: ‘CHO’ Ramaswamy’s ‘Indu Maha Samudram(இந்து  மஹா  சமுத்திரம்).

The Tantric Sastra is also misunderstood and misquoted quite often.

Right from the Kaapalika  Sect to Nithyananda of the present day misinterpreted this for their licentiousness.

Tantric Sastra is too vast a subject to be accommodated in a blog.

Those interested may read  the Book Sakthi and Saaktha by Sir.John Woodroffe.

Those who perform Aabhichara Pooja( the performance of worship where corpses are used often quote this mantra from the Lalita Sahasra Nama.

“947   Pancha pretha manchadhi sayini – She who sleeps on the cot made of five corpses”.

This is literal translation.

Lalita Sahasra Nama is a Mystic Text, that’s why it delivers results.

The meaning is,

The One who sleeps (Yoga Nidra-a wakefulness while appearing to sleep in Yoga,Lord Narayana also has this Attribute of Yoga Nidra),

On a cot whose support are Brahma,Vishnu,Rudra, Eesana ( Isnana) and Sadasiva.

Brahma represents the Potential Energy,

Vishnu,Kinetic Energy,

Rudra, Dissolution ,

Eesana,  the invisible power that governs the universe, and

Sadasiva, “Pancha Brahma Upanishad Verses 1 to 6:

The Para Brahma took shape in stages of Sathyojatha, Aghora, Vamadeva, Thathpurusha and Ishana. 1

Sathyojatha is the aspect of earth and is the Sun, Goddess Lakshmi, Brahma, the letter Om, Rig Veda, Garhapathyagni (Household fire), mantras, Saptha Swaras (seven notes) and yellow colour. It gives all that is wished for. 2″


Khmer Gilt Bronze idol of Lord Sadasiva.
Khmer Gilt Bronze idol of Lord Sadasiva.

Goddess Lalitha Presides over all.

Following practices not sanctioned by the Sruthi by misquoting is an insult to Hindusim.

“Aghori sect is the corrupted form of Tantric System of Indian Philosophy.
The ‘ cessation of the modification of Chitta( modification of the Mind)’ is defined as Yoga-Patanjali’s YogaSutra-1
In plain English, it may be loosely translated as the cessation of thought processes.
This needs  knowledge and Right determination(Vairagya),Bhagavad Gita.
To achieve concentration is most mportant.
More the number of senses-,Eyes.Ears,Nose Body,Mouth- are involved in the act easier the process of Concentration.
Sex is an act where all the senses are concentrated or focused on a single act.
A system was developed to use this aspect help in achieving Concentration and attain Yoga Siddhi.
This is Tantric Shastra..
Certain sexual practices are devised to use Sex  in this process..
The primary rule is that it only the wife/Husband this has to be engaged with..
While ,before, and after the act certain procedures are laid down.
This is from the individual level.
From the Macro level,
All the senses one has and the Five Elements(Earth,Water,Fire,Air and Ether) are the embodiment and instruments to achieve understanding.
For example Ether is for Communication,Fire for Heat and Cold,Earth for Smell,Water for Cold and Air for Smell,
Activity that brings in all these elements in its full force together is Sex.
This is also another reason for the development of Tantra Shastras.
The concentration, it is suggested, at the Ultimate level, one has to concentrate on.Nothing”.
This is easily possible in the Act of Sex , especially when when one achieves Orgasm.”



2 thoughts on “Opium,Marijuana Hinduism Aghoris

  1. sir, i enjoyed reading your well researched blog and am in agreement of most of the content. the reference to the aghoris is somewhat not entirely right as far as my information (and readings) is concerned.

    like in every walk of life there is corruption, misposturing, so is the case with sadhu sects. there are champions of these people who do not care if the world exists or not and wannabes wanting to gain importance by hook or crook, and here lies the rub. these people have corrupted the whole concept and brought only ridicule to their brethren. a true aghori hardly notices the world around him, he is trying to merge with the Maker all the time, he is bereft of pain, shame or other worldly concepts that affect us, the commoners.

    if at all an aghori feels hungry he eats anything that takes his fancy, including his own faeces. anecdotes are aplenty about this category of sadhus, who are almost shy of even meeting anyone.

    and to term them as ““Aghori sect is the corrupted form of Tantric System of Indian Philosophy.” is like showing yourself yet another person fallen for the vaishnavite thought process. on any given day, i would worship an aghori if i ever come across them.

    in case you have not been exposed to aghora literature, please read intro book, The Left Hand of God” by dr swabhodananda, who was born american, was in india studying ayurveda, became the pet of the divine mother, Smashana Tara, was an aghori frequently (returning to normal life from time to time).

    my rejoinder is not to ridicule your writing or cause any embarassment to you because i may not have ready as much as you have, but to enlighten your readers about The Alternate Thought that is a part of Hinduism.


    1. Hinduism accommodates every thought and leaves it to the individual to follow what he likes.

      I have stated what the Sruthi says and nothing more.

      I prefer to follow the Sruthi than following what is written by a westerner who is not as qualified as MaxMueller,Deussen or Sir John Woodroffee.

      As I have mentioned in the Post,the misuse/misinterpretation of the Vedas, the blind following of Kama Kanda was the reason for Buddhism to evolve an it took Adi Shankaracharaya to bring Hinduism back on track.

      If Aghori eats what ever they want including corpses(please look into the Videos posted by me under Videos), they can do so.their privilege.

      But let them not quote the Vedas or pseudo western scholars, like Reverend Leadbetter who were programmed by the group Illuminati, which incidental engineered Indian Independence. https://ramanan50.wordpress.com/2014/04/06/illuminati-engineered-indias-independence/

      As to me or my blog being ridiculed,..my job is write what I feel is correct or not(not Right or wrong).

      Left to the individual to have his /her opinions.

      Thank you for stopping by and giving an opportunity to clarify my stand on views.

      * I am not a Vaishnava,Smartha.



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