Boy Friends For Hire ,Grooms Shortage

China is facing the pressure of shortage of bride grooms and Boy friends are available on Hire.


The attempt of man to control population has unforeseen side effects.


Compare this with Kerala , India where is a dearth of females!


By aping the West, even the most cultured , old and Conservative Societies like china and japan have descended to this level beating the West .

Boy Friends For Hire, China.
Boy Friends For Hire, China.



Twenty-somethings in China – young women especially – face a strict societal deadline to find a husband before they turn 30.

In the basement of an office tower in downtown Beijing, a cloud of gloom hovers over the canteen at lunch time. Groups of young women huddled over large bowls of noodles look depressed when asked about the February’s impending Chinese New Year holiday.

“I’m pretty old – I’m almost 30 – but I’m still single,” explains Ding Na, a woman hailing from China’s northeast.


According to Zhou Xiaopeng, a consultant with, one of China’s biggest dating agencies, the pressure for singles to settle down crescendos around Chinese New Year.

“I might find someone who shares my interests and it would make both of us happy”

“Picture a scene where people sit around a table,” Ms Zhou says.

“Chinese people love to get together for dinner. On New Year’s Eve, everybody is sitting in pairs, your brother with your sister-in-law, your sister with your brother-in-law, and so on. If you’re the only one left behind, you can imagine the pressure and frustration.

…Kiss for $8

Luckily for some, China’s most popular online marketplace, Taobao, offers a band-aid solution: the rental of fake boyfriends.

For as little as $50 (£32) a day, dozens of classified adverts promise to provide a male companion for the holidays, pretending to be a single woman’s plus-one.

Some postings list a full menu of possibilities – charging $5 an hour to accompany a girl to dinner and $8 for a kiss on the cheek. If the fake boyfriend stays overnight with his client’s family for Chinese New Year, he charges $80 a night to sleep in his own bed, and $95 to sleep on the couch.

Sex is not even an option on the list.



A site in Japan is offering Boy Friends on Rent at $ 364 .

Girl friends?

Japan provides its lonely men with plenty of way to find sweet respite from the emptiness and isolation of everyday life-provided you have the cash. And we’re not just talking about prostitution: you can rent a girlfriend at Moé Date for day of “simulate romance” or find a cuddle partner at Soine-ya to help you rest easy at night.

But what about the ladies? Women get lonely too, so it seems unfair that such services would only be available to men.

Believe it or not, even before either of the above establishments were in business, there was Soine-ya Prime, a dispatch service where women can hire a handsome young man to lay with her in bed for a night.

The firm,, China’s largest online marketplace, is hoping to cash in on plight of millions of single women during the next month’s Chinese New Year, which is traditionally a family reunion period.

The online service is offering single women a ‘Rent a Boyfriend service to accompany them during their visit friends and families, go shopping, having meals and even getting a kiss out of courtesy.



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