“Never Discussed,Raja Altered 2 G Press Note’ Nanavati AG

In the land of Giants, we are Pygmies.


In the unfolding of ming boggling scams like Irrigation Scam in Maharastra,Mining in Goa,T Tamil Nadu, Thorium in Tamil Nadu,ISRO Antrix  ….. ,since 2 G, makes it a novice.


But none can dismiss the precursor, the 2 G scam of allotting Licences in the Telecommunication sector by breaking every Law known .

to man, arm twisting and pure criminal intent.


Radia Tapes, Depositions by every one high and low, Court Strictures, jailing of Raja and Kanimozhi and of course of their release, murder of a witness close to the deal, location and identification of the Money trail…

Now the deposition by the then Attorney General that  the issue  of allotting the Licences to first come-first served,the alteration of the Press Note cleared by The AG……


Of what use and to what end?


I posted a blog on ‘Hitler‘s Germany, Photo Essay’ which drew  a comment that it was horrible that an event could take place like this.


My reply was ‘It is a sin to be indifferent when inhuman acts are done and in such a situation, people should have reacted against Hitler which they did not.


World War II and the Holocaust was the Result.


The other side is that when people in Power allow things to drift  as the Weimar  Republic had done in Germany then people yearn for an alternative even if they were aware they were descending towards Inhumanity, they welcome it, ‘as in Hitler’s case.


By allowing the Corrupt free as in India, we are escalating a situation as those in Germany  prior to Hitler and the French Revolution of 1789.



  Forme rAttorney General Vanavati, India
Forme rAttorney General Vanavati, India

Attorney General Goolam E Vahanvati told the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) on Tuesday that a Department of Telecommunications press release inviting applications for spectrum allocation in 2008 cleared by him was altered by Telecommunications Minister A Raja before it was issued. Vahanvati was the solicitor general at the time.

According to JPC chairman P C Chacko, the Attorney General also asserted that there had been no discussions between him and the minister, as claimed by the latter. Vahanvati told the committee that the changes in the first-come-first-served policy were never discussed with him and he had nothing to do with the allocation of 2G spectrum licences.

Vahanvati stated during his deposition that then telecom secretary Siddharth Behura had brought the file related to the press note pertaining to the policy, on grant of Unified Access Service licences, to him on January 7, 2008, and sought his opinion on the factual status about any stay in court on the issue of letter of intent. He had offered opinion on the “premise of trust”, Vahanvati said. However, he was not aware of the amendments subsequently made in the press note issued on January 10, 2008.

Chacko said, “That amendment… which had led to a qualitative change in the selection process was not known to the Attorney General.” Vahanvati, according to him, “conceded that he could not disagree that his trust was belied”.



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