February Black History Month US,Are Blacks Accepted?

February is celebrated as Black History Month in The US to recall and recount the contributions of the Blacks to the development of the nation.

Black History Month, US
Black History Month, US

As coincidence would have it I posted an article on ‘Slave Vaults in The Us, yesterday(or early morning to-day , for I post ,at times, at 12 or 1 am).

The US is a Nation consisting of all Races, Ethnic Groups Cultures, an amalgam of Humanity driven by the desire to succeed.

Though the US has done well in terms of integration,the  discrimination towards the Blacks,Hispanics remain, at least at the mental/emotional level.

These Communities somehow for no reason I can fathom,seem to have a high range of Crime rate vis-a-vis the other Communities.

( Is my information correct on this? I write this based on information gleaned from the US people )

Is it because they resent the success of the Caucasian in terms of Economic growth?

Or is it because these communities, specially the Blacks feel that there is still the remnants of racism and discrimination against them, despite having  Non Caucasian President.?

Or is it because they feel that they are being patronized to look good to remain ‘good’  in the eyes of the World?

Have the Blacks been accepted whole heartedly by the US< especially by  the ” White?”


The United States is now headed by its first president of African descent. Moreover, blacks are widely represented in government, literature, film, athletics and other arenas. Given this, is it still necessary to set aside a month for the express purpose of celebrating the accomplishments of African Americans? Harvard University ProfessorHenry Louis Gates and writer Raina Kelley have both argued in Newsweek that Black History Month deserves to be celebrated, as it not only connects blacks to the struggles endured by forebears but also addresses the progress still to come in the black community.

Black History Month, US
Black History Month

Kelley noted that she understands why people, even African Americans, question the need for Black History Month, but stresses that the month can remain significant by highlighting the challenges facing black America at present.

“Rather than wasting time bemoaning the existence of Black History Month, why don’t we use it to proselytize for the issues that need to be more fully covered and understood the other 337 days of the year-such as failing inner-city public schools, institutionalized poverty, health-care disparities, and job discrimination?” Kelley asks. “Black History Month is a measure of how fully or accurately our story is being told and a reminder of the work yet to be done.”

When President Barack Obama proclaimed February 2010 African American History Month, he echoed some of the sentiments expressed by Kelley and Gates about why such a month should be acknowledged.


How Black History Month came to be?

“Without the efforts of a black historian named Carter G. Woodson, Black History Month may have never come to fruition. Ivy League-educated Woodson created Negro History Week to spotlight the achievements of African Americans. In the early 1900s, history books largely ignored the ways blacks had contributed to American culture. Negro History Week, which morphed into Black History Month in 1976, provided a means to tell the world about the number of accomplishments African Americans have made in the face of persistent oppression—from slavery to Jim Crow to discrimination in the workplace._About.com)


One thought on “February Black History Month US,Are Blacks Accepted?

  1. I’m struck by the Black history poster above. It diminishes Black women similar to the way American history diminishes Black people. The few Black women that are present are dwarfed by men.


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