‘Children Space’, Parental Space, Sheer Non Sense

There has been a lot of talk on child rearing now ,which has not been discussed in the past.


We have Behavioral Psychologists, Child Psychologists , Student Counselors and the list is long.


So are the problems from feeding an infant to Adolescent behavior.


I have come across this phrase quite often now.

Children playing in the open, India
Children playing in the open, India


Children‘s Space”


For the uninitiated  it means that the child has a world of its own and we, as Adults know nothing about and we need to train ourselves to communicate with them!


This applies more to Parents.


I do fail to understand.


Admitting that the child has a ‘Space, our world is different , we need to ‘get down to their world’ to get to know them, how can we help them grow into the world?


By going down to their level, we will be acting and guiding them from their stand point.




In that case am I not entering into the adult world, am I not assuming the role of an Adult at least while guiding them?


How do I tell them what is Right and Wrong?


Do I tell them or not?


And how do I tell them?


By kissing them as a child would and lisp ‘we should not do it’ and the child will follow?


If I have to do it,I have to do it as a parent,.


The child is an extension of Me.


The Society and the highly qualified Doctors not withstanding, I know my child better and I have a better interest in their welfare.




Many of the Specialists’ Children, I know,  have all the problems, including what they treat  our children for and more than  us idiots’   normal children,  have.


In the process, what has happened to my Parental Space?


Dealing with Physical Disease one thing, I am not qualified,but emotional and value systems, I have a better interest and motivation.


Our patents knew nothing of these . nor did I do any of these.


I am alright and so are my children.


Before any Specialist jumps the Gun, I am Graduate in Psychology, but I have learnt that it is an evolving attempt to understand the Psyche of Man  and nothing more.


Excepting in extreme disorders,the role of a Psychologist is limited to the extent of drugging and suppressing symptoms.


Has Psychology defined ‘Intelligence,Personality,Personality Traits, Abnormality?’


At best Psychology describes these, at worst non sense.


We will not have any problem with the children, if Only,


Parents know to stay together in marriage,


Do not Drink,


Live with elders in the family,


Have regular and clean habits,


Good values in Life,


Do not send children to school at the age of # 3,


Force them to do things which are beyond them,


Send them to all Courses from Karate to Dancing,


Allow them to play in the open and do not lock them up in an apartment,


We watch TV and ask them not to watch…..!







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