Click Find Rail Bus Air,Hotels,Not Google Maps.

I received forward from my brother’s son about a site which gives you information on  Distances between cities,  Transport,Road,Bus,Train, Air-Hotels ..!.


And this is not Google Maps.


Very easy to navigate.


This information may not be new to the tech savvy but might be useful for ignoramus like me.


Here is the Link.


Rome Rio city finder
Rome Rio city finder

Rome2rio, based in Melbourne, Australia, is organising the world’s transport information. The company offers a multi-modal, door-to-door travel search engine that returns itineraries which may include air, train, coach, ferry, mass transit and driving options to and from any location.

Users of Rome2rio don’t need to search multiple websites to research and compare their travel options. Rome2rio provides answers to questions like “Do I have to fly, or can I go by train or car?”; “I’m going to Martha’s Vineyard: how do I get there from London?”; “I’m visiting six cities and towns across Europe: show me the best itinerary including air, rail and driving options”.

Rome2rio’s platform utilises a vast, purpose built, worldwide repository of air, rail, coach, ferry and mass transit routes. The platform is available for integration into web and mobile applications via API and White Label solutions.

The platform is capable of long-distance (inter-city) trip planning as well as local (intra-city) journey planning.”

I have tried from Bangalore to Chennai.

It works.

Thanks, Ram


2 thoughts on “Click Find Rail Bus Air,Hotels,Not Google Maps.

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