Peace At Be, Kannadasan Beyond The Grave

We have many treatises in all Religions,Languages on virtue,On what is Good,Bad,and what makes one Happy and contented.

I am  yet to find some thing which is  simple,appealing to follow  or at least understand.

,And the one that makes me interested at least, in attempting to follow.

These  are theLyrics of one of The Great Lyricists of Tamil Movies,Mr.Kannadasan, a Legend, who could capture the essence of Life in ordinary words  in Tamil which we use every day, from a delectable Tamil Film, Sivaji Starrer ‘Aanadavan Kattalai

As translations do not seem to be available I have tried to capture the spirit of the message and I can assure you that it is not in any way near to the original, such is my incompetence.

I am posting this deliberately in English so that people who do not know Tamil may  have a chance to read and enjoy noble thoughts.

I would like readers of other Indian Languages to forward me Noble and simple thoughts  say like Jana Padagalu in Kannada .

I am interested in posting that in my way.

What is the Ultimate aim of man?

Money,Power,Wealth,Popularity,Fame,Wine, Women?

It all boils down to one thing.

It is happiness.

And I have found that Contentment is the key to happiness.

I would go as far as to say that Contentment is Happiness.

In six simple day-to-day Tamil Kannadasan captures the essence.

This is it.

Words ,Deed  Thy be One ,

Peace Forever be Thine,

Pain, Gain woven betwixt,

Six,The Ways Hath He set,

“aaru maname aaru, andha andavan kattalai aaru

aaru maname aaru, andha andavan kattalai aaru
s”eirndhu manidhan vazhum vagaiku
deivathin kattalai aaru
deivathin kattalai aaru”
Put it simply,a liar needs good memory.
You need not think twice before saying some thing ‘have I said this to this person before ?
Am I contradicting myself??
Then people evaluate you , not on the basis of what you are capable of or your potential, but what you have done.
One may have good thoughts, I Believe that every one has.
The problem is we don’t act on them.
I recall an instance from The Mahabharata.
The Mahabharata War was nearing and Indra, father of Arjuna, was worried
He knew if some one can match and even kill Arjuna , it was Karna who was arrayed against him.
He consults Lord Krishna.
In his inimitable style Lord Krishna advises Indra,
 You disguise yourself as a Brahmin and ask Karna his Body Armour( Kavacha and Kundala) that is a part of his body, granted by his Father Surya, The Sun God.
He will give them to you immediately”
Indra asks Krishna ‘What if he takes time or consults with others?
Krishna adds ,
‘ Karna will never do that.
He has a taken a vow that he will give anything which he has, immediately; he is of the conviction that human mind is subject to chang e and that if he delays a minute even, he might not give  to those who seek!
Hindu Religious texts declare that one has to do Good things the moment he thinks of them and delay the bad ones.
………………….. continues..
Kaviarasu Kannadasan
Kaviarasu Kannadasan
Playback: T.M.Soundararajan
Cast: Sivaji Ganesan, Devika
Music: Viswanathan-Ramamurthy . Lyrics: Kannadasan
Year of Release: 1964
Standard YouTube License
  • Military Strategy Battle Formations Mahabharata War (

3 thoughts on “Peace At Be, Kannadasan Beyond The Grave

  1. Kannadasan is a Genius— from an Atheist , he rose upto an Icon of Hindu Theology ! His Tamil lyrics were simple yet with great meaning & depth. His understanding of Hinduism was superb. Unfortunately, his life was short lived –courtesy Alcohol.


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