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ஆறு மனமே,ஆறு Kannadasan



Speaking and expressing one thing and doing another thing, remains the cause for major problems in Life, especially in Relationships.
Most of the time we do not mean what we say.
We say things what we know are untrue and in most cases know that we would be found out.
Still we say these things.
This has developed only after we stopped being a Child.
We try to be pleased others, say and do things we do not like.
If we are true to our nature, relationships will be normal.
People will Love you for what you are and can see through you if you try to be some one different.
I hold the view that each has three personalities.
1.What we project to others.
This often, is  what we think they might like.
Imagine if every one were to behave so,which every one does, one never has a real relationship and never gets to now the other.
2.The second is what we think we are.
This, normally, is a composite picture of our selves to ourselves consisting of our real nature and what has been imbibed  and taught to  us, which we unconsciously adopt in the visualization ourselves to ourselves.
3.The Real US.
We do not really know.
This pops out occasionally.
This is the aim of Indian Philosophy.
Who Am I?
What is my Nature?
What Am I doing here?
By being as in 2 and occasionally as in 3 when it happens(it will ,if we follow 2), Relationships will improve.
Being True to one self and Blunt is not being True.
There is something called Courtesy or a way of communicating with others.
Convey in such a way that it does not hurt others.

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