Ban on Viswaroopam Kamal Hassan Agrees!

This is nothing but Minority Terrorism aided by greed for Votes.
The Government should not have acted this way, that too very cleverly by bringing in
Law and order ‘issues instead of bringing in ‘hurting religious sentiments’.
When a Government quotes Law and Order issues in the arguments, and that the Collectors have taken precautionary measures to enforce section 144 , there is little that a Court can do.
Very clever indeed.
Karunanidhi ,as usual was undecided as to what stand he should take-initially he called for a dialogue between Kamal Hassan and the Muslim Outfits without commenting on Freedom of Expression.
Now he has come out saying that he suspects that the film was banned because Kamal Hassan refused to sell the Film to Jaya TV , run by Jayalalithaa at a very lower price and that he had sold it to SUN TV;and that the ban was mooted as a revenge for this and for a recent speece of Kamal Hassan that attacked the Jay Government !
Jayalalitha probably thought banning the film would bring in Muslims to her side and given Karunanidhi’s penchant for Muslim support would keep quiet as he could not openly support them without alienating the people who care for Freedom of Speech.
The wily Fox is taking another tack.
This sort of politicking is the bane of Tamil Nadu.
Every issue is either Karunanidhi-centric or Jaya-centric.As to Kamal Hassan agreeing to remove the portions these Muslim out fit wanted to be removed he seems to justify the Government!After it is all Money?

Why don’t you accept it, and not put an a cry show talking about ‘being an ‘Artiste’ and blah..blah.

Would you recall that you showed a scene in your Dasavatharam , the Idol of Vishnu being chained, dragged along the ground and thrown out into the sea by A Vaishvaite, though it hurt both the Saivite and Vaisnavites alike?

That was History?

But Muslim terrorists slitting the throats with a  cry of ‘Allah O Akbar’ in Live Videos is a fiction and Muslims will object to it and you will remove them!

Viva La Your Artistry and what a Hypocrite!



My Muslim family has reached out to me. They came and told me which portions they want removed, they told me the scenes they wanted cut and the words of Quran they wanted removed. They told me which are the scenes that would offend and could be removed,” said the actor, who was flanked by Congress leader J M Haroon, lyricist Vairamuthu, and several film personalities.

“We are thankful that he has agreed to remove the Quran words from the film. He immediately came forward to delete the portions,” said Haroon.

The actor added that the issue has been settled amicably. “There are no differences between me and my Muslim brothers. I am hearing some alarming news both from my fans and Muslim friends so far. Now it is up to the law enforcement and the justice department to ensure nothing happens to my Muslim brethren and others,” he said, adding that the film is in praise of Muslims.

An emotional Kamal Haasan said that he is thinking of leaving Tamil Nadu for some other secular state in India as the problems over his movie Vishwaroopam‘s release continued.

“I will look at all the states from Kashmir to Kerala excluding Tamil Nadu. If I don’t find one which is secular, I will leave for another country. M F Hussain had to leave, now Haasan will have to,” said the actor, whose movie’s release was stopped by TN state government authorities last week after a few Muslim groups protested.
I recall the instance when MGR was in power Lord Rama‘s Photos were beaten with chappals and garlanded with it;instead of taking action against the DK Group, Thuglak Cho(Or is it Ananada Vikatan?) was chargesheeted for a write up condemning the incident.


6 thoughts on “Ban on Viswaroopam Kamal Hassan Agrees!

    1. After all it is (cinema) a money making business and he (Kamal) might have predicted what is now staging in the public. More than this there can’t be a good advertising style. The Muslim outcry is nothing but motuivated. Whether the scenes in the viswaroopam or that of Dasavatharam, all are pretensions beyond reality. predesigned actions. . yes, it is cinema actions. People will see the scenes for entertainment sake and it will not influence peoples faith, either muslim or hindu. it is funny to equate him with the doings of mf hussain. Hassan vs Haasan.
      Politicians want votes and Kamal wants box office release of his movie that is again money. All the way people are fooled by all.


      1. Definitely.
        All this talk of Art for Arts’ sake is non senses.
        That’s gon with the other generation Greats Like Sivaji,Chandra Babu,MGR


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