Kamal Press Conference Viswaroopam Ban Video

At a Press conference conducted  this morning Actor Kamal Hassan alleged Political conspiracy to ban his Film Viswaroopam.

Though an Interim stay was ordered by the High Court of madras, ,he said, the Chennai Police chased people away, refused permission to screen the Film  asking for the order in Physical Form.

He felt that he was being chased out of Tamil Nadu and hoped to settle anywhere else, be it Kerala or some other sate.

If no other State was prepared to accept he planned to settle abroad.

He also stated that he had hocked his house and was likely to lose it if did not meet his lender’s time line.

‘A visibly emotional Kamal Haasan held a press conference on Wednesday in Chennai. The actor and filmmaker alleged the ban onVishwaroopam was a sheer political game and he would be compelled to leave the country if the harassment persists.

Vishwaroopam was originally scheduled to release in Tamil Nadu on January 25 but the TN government imposed a 2 week ban on the film after a few Muslim outfits complained that the film contains a few objectionable scenes. Reacting to this Kamal Haasan said that the ban on Vishwaroopam was a ‘cultural terrorism’.



My reply.

Hurts Minorities.

No body gets hurt when ever a Terrorist Bombs?

All Terrorists are not Muslims but most of them are.

All Muslims are not terrorists, but some are.

In this case, do not judge even before seeing the Movie.

Muslims who have seen the Film,from Kerala and Andhra say there is no substance in these allegations.

2 a)The leader speaks Tamil though A foreigner.

So there are no Tamil Speaking Muslims who bombed in Coimbatore?

You expect a  Foreign terrorist speak in Tamil throughout the movie?

2 b) Murder is committed when some one reads The Koran?

What did the terrorists exhort when they sawed, maimed,shot people?

Watch YouTube real Videos.

They did not cry Jihad?

2 c If you are living so amiably with the Hindus in Tamil Nadu, and if they are going to change by watching this Movie, well..this is  some special relationship of Religious Amity!

2 d) We are not getting houses.

True partly.

This has nothing to do with Mr.Kamal Hassan or Mr.Kamal Hassan.

Click the Link for Video


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