Increased Divorces IT Contribution of Stress

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The incidence of Divorces in India are rising .

But on a Global scale India ranks at the lowest in The Wold.

Divorce Statistics.

Statistics shows that only 1 out of 100 Indian marriages end up to a divorce which is quite low in comparison to America’s 50% of marriages turning into breakups.

The divorce rate in Indian villages is even lower in comparison to urban India.
The following figures will help you to get an idea about the divorce rate in India with respect to global divorce rate.

  • Sweden – 54.9%
  • United States – 54.8%
  • Russia – 43.3%
  • United Kingdom – 42.6
  • Germany – 39.4%
  • Israel – 14.8%
  • Singapore – 17.2%
  • Japan – 1.9%
  • Srilanka – 1.5%
  • India – 1.1%


The rate of divorce in India was even low in the previous decade, where only 7.40 marriages out of 1,000 marriages were annulled.

However,Divorce rates in India are increasing.

“The past one year has witnessed 43,000 divorces across the country. However, owing to the awareness relating to men’s rights nationwide, the number of divorce by mutual consent has also gone up. Today, statistics shows 60 per cent of the divorces is by mutual consent.

Among states with the highest number of divorces, Maharashtra topped the list in the past year, accounting for nearly 20,000 cases, with Mumbai and Pune alone accounting for 15,000 of them, while the remaining were reported from Nashik, Aurangabad and Nagpur


Divorce statistics indicate that in the last couple of decades, the number of married persons in the U.S. has significantly dropped down. The percentage of married people in U.S. was lower than 60% in 2002 compared to 72% in 1970. The reason for the failure for 80% of the marriages is “irreconcilable differences” among couples. The chances of the first marriage ending in a divorce vary. According to the divorce statistics, 20% of first marriages fail after 5 years, 33% after 10 years whereas 43% end in divorce after 15 years.

Divorce statistics indicate that in the last couple of decades, the number of married persons in the U.S. has significantly dropped down. The percentage of married people in U.S. was lower than 60% in 2002 compared to 72% in 1970. The reason for the failure for 80% of the marriages is “irreconcilable differences” among couples. The chances of the first marriage ending in a divorce vary. According to the divorce statistics, 20% of first marriages fail after 5 years, 33% after 10 years whereas 43% end in divorce after 15 years.

Divorce rates in The IT sector are higher as compared to other sectors.

Lawyers say that lifestyle change is one of the primary reasons for marriages ending in divorce.

Around five years ago, the ratio was one divorce per 1,000 marriages in India , and today statistics indicate that there are 13 divorces for every 1,000 marriage.

The main reasons attributed to the break-up of marriages in India today are related to equal income between sexes and the high stress levels.

The maximum number of divorces is among call centre employees, medical professionals and those in the technology sector.

I had already discussed the work pressure/Culture in The IT industry contributing to Stress, strained relationships and Divorce

Links provided at the end of the post.

Work and Behavioral Change in IT Industry.

In India there has been a Joint Family system till recently.

It started breaking up about a decade back.

Now the process has been hastened by the introduction of IT.

Till the advent of IT, though the joint Family system was breaking up, the custom of the sons staying with his parents was continued.

But after both the husband and wife have started earning from IT and Call Centers  this practice changed.

Now the habit of the wife’s parents staying in the daughter’s Home is increasing while the parents of the Boy  live separately

A case in which a Husband murdered his wife for constantly harassing him to live separately, in Bangalore last year!

Though the Husbands declare they are ‘fast’ in Lifestyle, they are unable to come to terms with their spouses mixing freely with the other Sex in their Profession, though they may deny it.

I have cases reported to me by the Husbands themselves!

The value changes are difficult to adjust and it takes time.

This is a high pressure point.

Recognition and promotions in the IT Industry is related to performance(It is more pronounced in the IT sector).

The Indian Male Psyche is not ready to absorb or adjust with it.

In fact this is a global phenomenon, though it is illogical.

Another issue is balancing Home and Work, especially for women.

The issue becomes complex with the arrival of a Baby.

How does one handle these issues?

“The pressures of the modern workplace has made a bigger difference in the lifestyle of techies.
India still has one of the lowest divorce rates in the world, with about one in 1,000 marriages collapsing, according to recent studies.
But the courts are now seeing so many new cases that the government has proposed making divorce easier and faster, in line with other countries.
“There has been a huge change, a drastic change and divorce rates are increasing,” Dr Geetanjali Sharma, a marriage counsellor working in Gurgaon, a wealthy Delhi satellite city, told the BBC.
“There’s been a 100 percent increase in divorce rates in the past five years alone.They don’t want to put more efforts into a relationship to fix the issues.”
Most of those splitting up are members of India’s thriving, urban middle class whose lives have been transformed by India’s boom, and whose aspirations are radically different to those of their parents and grandparents….

The pressures of the modern workplace make a bigger difference, she thinks, than whether it was a traditional arranged marriage, or a so-called “love marriage”.

The divorce rates in Kerala are going up. In 2009-10, the number of divorce cases numbered 11,600, with the majority being from the IT industry.

“The situation is disturbing,” says Rajiv Menon (name changed), a senior legal practitioner, who works at the Family Court, Kochi. “Most couples who work in the IT industry break up within two to three years of marriage.” Rajiv puts it down to the odd working hours, usually at night, the high stress of the job, and an egoistic attitude.

“The spouses adopt an attitude of superiority to each other,” he says. “There is also a lack of communication which causes many misunderstandings.”

Meanwhile, Antony gives other reasons.

“When they first join the industry, youngsters get swayed by the high incomes,” says Antony. “Many of them take to drinks, drugs, late night parties and watching porn on the internet.” Inevitably, the youngsters lose their equilibrium. “There is a widespread prevalence of pre-marital sex,” says Antony. “They have been influenced by the serials on TV which glorify pre- and extra-marital sex in order to garner good ratings.”

IT professionals in troubled marriages are hacking into their spouse’s email account for proof of extramarital affair or salary, say lawyers and cyber experts.

Cyber experts say a growing number of cases have come to light where couples are hacking into each other’s email accounts to collect evidence for divorce. And some are going a step further by fabricating electronic evidence for early separation reports NDTV
Lawyers also claim that couples on the verge of separation are increasingly resorting to hacking techniques to score on each other.
“No good lawyer would advise the litigants to hack into each other’s accounts, but we are coming across many litigants who come to us already in possession of sheets of conversation wherein it becomes clear that the other person is having a relationship outside of marriage that goes beyond mere friendship,” said Advocate Ajit Kulkarni.

According to lawyers in the city, 30 percent of all divorces that happen in the city every year are among couples working in the IT sector, and 50 percent of them use hacking techniques to collect electronic evidence against each other.”


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  2. our society has started to go the stone age, that means the barbaric culture where one can make love with his sister,mother and his gradmother.but the real reason of this situation is not men but women.


  3. Fortunately, Iam not an IT engineer.Damn these buggers are killing our Indian family system.7ck the corporate culture


  4. With havin so much written content do you ever run into any issues of plagorism or copyright violation?
    My website has a lot of unique content I’ve either created myself or outsourced but it looks like a lot of it is popping it up all over the internet without my permission. Do you know any solutions to help reduce content from being ripped off? I’d genuinely appreciate


    • I normally receive email or by way of comments seeking permission.
      I request them to give credit and go ahead.
      They do.
      Beyond this, I think we can do nothing, unless one wants to be involved endless correspondence and in rare cases ‘litigation’


  5. Do you think electronic evidences are accepted in the court of law, i remember even video and audio evidence are not accepted…if so why not get all people in 2G scam using nira radia tapes….


    • To the best of my knowledge electronic evidence is limited to being treated as “corroborative’, and not the clinching evidence.
      Even for this the guilt is to be proved.
      The Court can ask the prosecution to investigate further in the direction, that’s all.


  6. Hacking into spouse’s email account?? didn’t expect this…Thanks a lot for this article… will be highly beneficial for my GD preparations!


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