Would You Rape? Rape Now

The perversion and fixations on Sexsaround us is nauseating.

True, sex is an  important urge  and it seeks gratification.

But would not people think as to what exactly it is after having had Sex, or  even immediately after Sex?

Jyoti Singh Pandey,Delhi gang Rape Victim
Jyoti Singh Pandey,Delhi gang Rape Victim

Pause and ponder.

Not that Sex is bad but the way of executing it.

Do you eat anything, anywhere  anytime ?

Pause and read this.

‘Maggots or virgin Earth,

Vulture ,  raging Fire,

Consume would they fore,

Be you be One ,

Have you Me”

This is a rough translation of one of the famous lines from Pattinaththaar, a realized soul from Tamil Nadu on the fickle and impermanent Nature of Human Life and body.

He adds ..

‘Fondled Breasts many a time  ,

Ploughed Mine for a Dime,

Grabbed, Dragged Frame….

Such is the Human body!

Would  one think of this before Raping!

There was a man who was very rich and he was a womanizer.

Lost very thing he had and he had none to support him save his elder sister whom he adored as his mother.

A day he had an urge to have Sex and he had no money and he was acutely disturbed.

His sister, unable to bear her brother;s suffering, spoke to him thus.

‘I am unable to bear your suffering.

I do not have any money to help you go to a prostitute.

The best I can do I am also a woman ,You come to me’

The man was shattered.

He climbed the top of the Temple Tower and jumped.

He became a Great Saint…Arunagirinathar!

“புழுவோ மண்ணோ 

கழுகோ நெருப்போ
தின்னப் புகும் முன்
நீயும் ருசித்துப் போ” 

“எத்தனை பேர் நட்ட குழி
எத்தனை பேர் தொட்ட முலை
எத்தனை பேர் பற்றியிழுத்த உடல்
எத்தனை பேர் கற்றுணர்ந்த பாடல்”


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