Neeya Naana Vijay TV Cheats Why People Fall A Prey

Be sure that any scheme that guarantees a return of more than 15% return on Investment is a fraud.

I for got to mention MLM.

It is the great con ever!


The third type is those who do not know that they are being cheated  continue to be cheated.

Under this Class comes ULIP schemes ,Insurance .

If two guys deserve the award for Cons Concept they should go to ,

The one who invented Interest rate

The One who invented Insurance.

The former is notional , relative to your needs and the greed of the one who lends you.

The other one is born out of the First.

In the first one you imagine that you will keep on earning and one day you will find it is gone or it does not come to you as promised.

Check Pension Plans.

Except Government’s Pension Schemes, you would never receive more than 6  % per annum  return.

Insurance is a concept where the Insurer covers himself from all angles and he is sure that the demands from the investors would not come at the same time and he could go on rolling in some one else’s money!

Online scams
This scam will usually come in the form of a conventional email message. It will inform you that you won millions of dollars and congratulate you repeatedly. The catch: before you can collect your “winnings”, you must pay the “processing” fee of several thousands of dollars.

Tale ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Plan).

You have a Fine print ‘Subject to Market Risk

In plain English your money is not guaranteed.

Why do people victims  get cheated are  well-educated professionals.



Tendency to Gamble.

If you look at the victims you will not find  people from the Poorer section of the Society.

They know the value of earning money.

As you earn more the tendency to over spend  and gamble though you know it is likely to fail.

Look at the IT people who earn around a lakh per month.

They would pay up gladly 1500 Rupees for a shirt which they to be worth 300,pay for Coffee 150  which is worth Rs 15, convincing themselves they pay for ambiance  and Service aided by advertisements calling ‘Value Addition’


Top 10 Online Scams of 2012.

A classic pyramid scheme: you get an email with a list of names, you are asked to send 5 dollars (or so) by mail to the person whose name is at the top of the list, add your own name to the bottom, and forward the updated list to a number of other people.

The author of this scam letter painstakingly explains that, if more and more people join this chain, when it’s your turn to receive the money, you might even become a millionaire!

If you are thinking about applying for a “pre-approved” loan or a credit card that charges an up-front fee, ask yourself: “why would a bank do that?” These scams are obvious to people who take time to scrutinize the offer.

Remember: reputable credit card companies do charge an annual fee but it is applied to the balance of the card, never at the sign-up. Furthermore, if you legitimately clear your credit balance each month, a legitimate bank will often wave the annual fee.

Author: ramanan50

Retired Senior Management Professional. Lectures on Indian Philosophy,Hinduism, Comparative Religions. Researching Philosophy, Religion. Free lance Writer.Blogger

2 thoughts on “Neeya Naana Vijay TV Cheats Why People Fall A Prey”

    1. Greed,plain and Simple,as I have explained in the post.

      I was offered a salary of Rs 25,000 per month by Anubhav Plantations, Chennai in 1987 to be their Vice President when I was drawing a salary of Rs 3800 /month as Dy.Marketing Manager .
      They came to my home ,(Mr.Natesan , the Group Chairman) and tried to convince me.
      My answer was that I did not ( nor do I now) in Financial products and that I was contented with my salary.
      My people at Home kept calling me a fool till Mr.Natesan ,The Group Chairman and the Company’s General Manager were arrested.
      One point is that is the viability of the Returns.
      Another is that if one were to go one expecting more of Life with out realizing what we have been blessed with(which one generally is not aware, till they lose it), there is no end.


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