Cheaters,Cheated Neeya Naana Vijay TV Finer Points

Vijay TV, a Part of Star Group’s Tamil TV channel has a popular Talk Show,hosted by Mr.Gopinath covers a wide spectrum of subjects ,ranging from personal anguish like the one of those who have lost their spouses,Corruption and the recent one on Frauds,Fraudsters and the Cheated.

Scams On line.
On Line scam 2012

People who say that they are yet to be cheated and those who have lost a fortune were arrayed against each other and it made an interesting show.


There are three classes in the category of the people cheated, or rather who succumbed to cheating for none can cheat you without your active participation.


1.Those who woke up after losing a fortune,like the one in the show who had lost over 35 lakhs over a period of ten years entering into any scheme that was offered from Gold Quest to plantations!


2.The second is the group that suspects that they are being cheated, made  a quick  check (anticipated and covered by the Scamaster), convinced them selves that they are smarter than the Scamster and went  on losing!


A gentleman from Coimbatore narrated this.


He revived an email that he had won Nine crore and was given a London Phone Number.


He contacted the number and was pleasantly surprised that the man at the other end was addressing him by his personal name(this smart Alec did not know you can get that if you have an email ID).

The man at London told him that to complete the formalities a sum of Rs One lakh needed to be transferred to him.

Our smart man did not follow his instruction immediately and went on talking with that man for a period of Six months!.

Convinced that the man was sincere(because our man felt that no fraudster would continue the discussion after he was not listened to immediately),had some of his friends from Chennai to  join him .

Then he informed the man  at London and asked him to give the details of the Demand Draft.

The man at London do sent him the  scanned copy of the DD.

It was drawn on bank of Scotland for an amount equivalent to Rs One Crore..

Our friend had it verified by  his auditor and cross checked by phone to Bank of Scotland and was  informed that the DD was genuine.

Then he sent the  sum of Rupees one lakh.

Then the man at London told him either to come to London or he could send the money to India in Dollars through Courier and demanded Rs 100,000.

Our man convinced the London man to accept Rs  40,000 and sure when he contacted the Courier he was told indeed there was Cover for him containing money!

When he, along with his friends went to collect the cover , he was asked to pay aboutRrs 20,00 as the Courier explained that he had carried the Dollars Illegally and our friends refused to pay up.

Promptly they rang up London and convinced the man(!0 to send the money through some one to Chennai  and shelled out about 20.000.

Early next morning they had a call from a Mumbai Number that the money had arrived and they demanded Rs 20,000 to come to Chennai.

Or people paid and they were met near Park Sheraton Hotel by Two Nigerians with a suit case and parted with Rs 5000 to them towards their expenses!

They were told that the suit case contained Dollars in the form of Black papers and once dipped in the Liquid provided the black paper would into Dollars and they had a Demo !

Of course the Couriers left.

When our friends opened the suit case they found a bundle of black papers and a small bottle the size of an eraser .

When they dipped the papers in the liquid, the paper was burnt.

When they contacted London they were informed that they would receive a larger bottle and only then did our people realize that they were conned!

Wait, The Story does not end here.

The man who narrated the incident said that he has been in touch with the London man for the past eight years and the man was till asking him to deposit Rs 3 Lakhs to send  the Liquid!

A man with common sense would have found enough loopholes to suspect scam right from the beginning.

Why do people do they way they have done here?










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