Diet Weight Loss and Fruits

“Long-term studies of dieting however indicate that the majority of individuals who dieted regain virtually all of the weight that was lost after dieting, regardless of whether they maintain their diet or exercise program.[4] Weight loss by dieting, while of benefit to those classified as unhealthy, may also slightly increase the mortality rate for individuals who are otherwise healthy”(

“Fruits is one of these things that sort of could be viewed as a silent but deadly thing,” he says. “It’s packed with fibre and minerals and vitamins. But if you’re someone who suffers from diabetes or obesity, or if you’re someone who’s really trying to be mindful of their weight control, you have to be cautious about how much you take in.”

Fruit, like all carbs, should be consumed before 2 p.m. so that the body is able to burn off the energy by the time they go to bed rather than storing it as fat, Dr. Moreno says.

“The worst thing you could do is sit down to a big bowl of fruit for dinner because that’s just going to turn in to sugar by the end of the day,” he says. “You might as well have had doughnuts.”

I had a friend of mine visiting me to-day and we spent about 4 hours chatting on a host of subjects, including our early child hood diet,the habits in our house holds being identical though separated by some three hundred miles,our college days,profession and of course children.

Dieting and weight loss.
USDA weight Pyramid.

In the midst of our conversation,or should I say my monologue, my friend received a call from well qualified, working daughter that she was feeling exhausted and was on the verge of collapse.

He immediately rushed to meet and take her Home.

Reason for the complaint.

His daughter has been a Diet of only vegetables and Fruits since last night, as advised in an article she found in the Internet.

This was her effort at reducing weight and keeping fit.

My daughter also went on a Diet of not eating Rice the whole day and was eating only fruits for about a week before she was exhausted

The use of Internet in self medication is on the rise.

The day before I read an article where a woman was reported finding on the Internet that the treatment being to her son/daughter was nor correct and she advised the doctor to have a  relook and the doctor did so and had to revise his  opinion.

This is an exceptional case.

As a rule it is only a Doctor who can advise on health issues, weight  included.

As I wrote earlier in some of my posts the first results that appear in Google Results need not be correct and factual.

They are mostly determined by the Writing style and use of key words.

In any search one has to find an exactly opposite point of view and arrive at a balanced understanding, us not being specialists.

Always refer to Doctor for Health issues.

On Diet there is no conclusive evidence that Diet controls weight.

The reason for gaining weight and obesity is debatable,genes,Food,periodicity of intake,expending  of calories,exercise or a combination of all these.

Added to this is the uniqueness of the individual health,climate and habits.

Food we take is organised by our culture  over a period of hundreds of years, by our ancestors, taking into account the climate as well.

In India the South is normally there are only three seasons,Hot,Hotter and Hottest.

Here you need more calories and quick release of Energy in the form of carbo hydrates .

This is provided by Rice.

Altering the eating pattern is harmful to Health.

Without having a thorough understanding of these factors following a Diet course by referring to articles in Internet may prove fatal in some cases.Healthy weight management is all about energy balance. That means burning more calories than you’re consuming. So it is helpful to become familiar with the calorie counts of the foods you eat most often. Keep a food diary for a couple of days, and then look up the calorie counts of the foods you’ve eaten. You can get that information by referring to the nutrition facts panel on packaged foods, or by looking online at websites like the USDA National Nutrient Database. This will give you a sense of where your calories are coming from and help you identify some smart and easy ways to cut calories. For instance, if you normally drink whole milk, you can switch to fat-free milk and save 60 calories per cup. After a while, you’ll become a good diet detective and be able to estimate the calorie counts of your most regularly eaten foods.  Also, remember that the higher the fat content, the higher the caloric level. And of course, the larger your portion, the more calories you’re consuming.


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