You Are ,Live in An Illusion Videos

Scientists ,after the advent and acceptance of the Quantum theory have come to the conclusion that we live in Illusion and the Reality is Illusion.

Let us try to understand this.

What is Reality as a common Man understands it without going into  even the simplest  Philosophical definition of it.

For those interested ‘Substance is that which Exists by itself and which does not the  Conception of anything in order to be Conceived’ Spinoza.

Substitute ‘Substance with Reality”

On assumes Reality is some thing which is/exists in all the three states of Time.

That which is permanent.

The problem with this is that nothing is permanent as we know of things,including ourselves.

Strictly speaking, when compared to rocks and Galaxies Human Life is not even a blink of the eye.

Again Time is something we have not understood or defined till date.

As things stand Time is some thing we have devised through and for the benefit of sorting out Stimuli in our brain to sort them out in an order.

And we do not know the entire functions of the Brain for there are moments of memory left even after Brain Death.

So what we call Reality can not be proved with our Faculties as we have of them.

Reality and Illusion.
Reality An Illusion

Let us go in another track.

We have Waking State,Dream State and Deep Sleep State.

Indian Philosophy has one more to this Turiyam which is beyond these three states.

Of these States which one are we to take as Real?

While in Dream the vents are so Real that they are  convincingly true till we wake up.

What if what we call as waking state happens to be a Dream and the Dream State Real?

From the Empirical Sciences, we know that we have energy  which can not be destroyed.

Then what happened to our thoughts which we had a few seconds earlier and the thought s of our  earlier days , which are Pure energy?

Where are they?

In Quantum Theory things , events operate at a different Plane , not necessarily following the Laws of our Physics.

The Space Time Dimensions vary.

In the final analysis, we can not prove or understand Reality but we Fee It Isl, which I think is Right as in Life, and can experience It.

The Attribute of this  is  Being,Consciousness and Bliss-Sat, Chit, Anandam

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