Safety Against Rape, Smartphone Applications Women

There are Applications available compatible with Smartphones.

They can be used in times of Emergency

Some of them are.


Women need some safety applications when they go out.


There are Applications available compatible with Smartphones.


They can be used in times of Emergency


Some of them are.

Women Safety Application
Women Safety Application

“If you are a college student then this App is especially made for you. This App allows you to alert your friends and family and emergency responders like 911, along with that it also alerts campus police. With this App you can send alerts based on time. Say like, if you didn’t get to home in an hour then this OnWatch App inform your friends and others about your GPS location. You can download this App for iPhone and Android. It enables you a free 90 day trial subscription with .edu mail address and for others it offers 30 day free trial.


2.”Using this CircleOf6 App you can add 6 friends or family members so that they will be informed when you need it. This Application enables you to send a text message to your friends or family members with your current GPS location and a message like ‘Come and Get Me’. If you are low on balance then you can also send out a ‘call me’ message. It can be easily programmed to call selected national hotlines or local emergency numbers. And the good news is that it is Free for iPhone and Android Smartphones.



3.FightBack, the women’s safety application, sends SOS alerts from your phone. FightBack uses GPS, SMS, location maps, GPRS ,email and your Facebook account to inform your loved ones in case you are in danger. Join us and help make our streets safer for women.
Write to us on


4.By using this Redpanicbutton Application, it allows you to push a central button and generate a security alert, by doing this it will activate immediate contact with emergency services, it will also provide quick details of the current location and along with that it will automatically dials various emergency numbers and sending of panic messages via various communication channels like text message, mails and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. But this Android Free version is for only one panic contact so better buy a full version.


The general complaint against these applications are  the unreliability of  3 G Services in India.

People suggest applications not using Internet is needed.


One may also use the Speed dial.


In some of the Applications the location is not specified to the receiver.


Would some one Link it to Google Maps?


I also recommend Pepper Spray Gun.

Pepper Spray Gun
Pepper Spray Gun








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