Dark Zero Thirty More Than a Documentary

“They attack us on land, Air and Sea”

“Three thousand of our citizens killed”

“We need targets”

“Get me a list of targets to kill’

These are the sample lines form the Film Dark Zero thirty , a film on Osama Bein Laden  Hunt by The US Agencies.

Pakistan, Afghanistan,Gdansk-Poland,London,Paris..

Scenes shift rapidly.

Safe houses,Sterile guest houses, Bagran Base ..the movie shifts from one  to another capturing the systematic, but less glamorous world of espionage and intelligence gathering.

The film unfolds with the tedious process of interrogating the suspects, piecing the jig saw to arrive at a specified target.

The interrogation Technics are realistic and not beyond imagination as in Hollywood movies.

The film appears to capture the essence of the manhunt rather than the dramatic part of it, as is the case in any man hunt.

People are real flesh and blood ,offices are less glitz..

Personnel deal with papers, for a change.

The choices left for decision making………..is he there or not?

Do we take the house and hit?

The movie moves at pace that is slow for  a thriller but then this is not a thriller.

Attempt has been made to be as realistic as possible.

The sound effects especially of Marriott Hotel Bombing, London tube blast are very realistic


It also touches the  core issue..did Pakistan know of the impending attack?


As the fact remains today, nobody knows.


The Movie leaves it that way.


A word , better to be informed about the manhunt of Osama Bin laden to be able to follow the story line properly.


A movie of a class on its own not a  glitzy Hollywood thriller, nor a dull narration of facts either.


You do not remember the actors, you remember the characters, that’s saying a lot.

Zero Dark Thirty scene
Scene from Zero dark Thirty

“After nearly a month in limited release, Kathryn Bigelow‘s Zero Dark Thirty (review) finally went wide this weekend and it grossed $24 million to top the weekend box office. The film now has a $29 million cume.  All eyes were on this one, with the big question being whether critical acclaim and film punditry would translate into mainstream interest.  Obviously the current ‘does the movie promote torture?’ controversy brought the film all kinds of free publicity, but I’d argue it scared off just as many as it brought it.  By the way, no it doesn’t endorse torture because… well just watch the movie again (essay 01/essay 02)!  Anyway, the closest comparison is the Martin Luther King Day Jr. weekend wide-release debut of Ridley Scott‘s Black Hawk Down eleven years ago next weekend, which pulled in $33 million over four days and $28 million over Fri-Sun.  The ‘hunt for Bin Laden’ film’s debut is a bit lower, especially when inflation is accounted for (BHD‘s 3-day total is around $38 million in 2013 dollars), but the Scott picture was pretty much a nonstop action picture while Bigelow’s is an icy and often cold 2.5 hour procedural where even the climactic action sequence is meant to disturb more than excite.  The film played 59% male and 62% over 30. Sony did a great job selling this one somewhat falsely as a triumphant action drama, although they didn’t seem to make as much of an effort to bring in females for what is indeed a female-centric character drama (Jessica Chastain is terrific here).  Despite a merely okay  2.6x weekend multiplier, expect pretty strong legs as this becomes the defacto water-cooler Oscar contender (Oscar nomination essay 01/Oscar nomination essay 02), the one everyone has to see in order to participate in the national dialogue.



Watch the Film on Bin laden in Channel 4 on Bin Laden and his death.

A stellar cast of White House insiders speak on camera about the operation to find and kill Osama Bin Laden, including the first – and extraordinary – documentary interview withPresident Barack Obama on the subject.

From the anxiety-drenched minutes in the White House Situation Room to the deadly stairwells of Bin Laden’s secret labyrinth, cinematic dramatisations take viewers deep inside one of the most important moments of our era, showing the US Navy Seals coming face to face with the most wanted man in history.



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