Delhi Gang Rape Protest Some Counter Productive PhotoEssay

The  Delhi gang rape protest has also brought on some curious ,bizarre and publicity hungry to the fore.

Some images.

More than focussing on the problem,some seem to be bent on publicity by exposing themselves and resorting to senseless violence.

Delhi gang rape protests.
Delhi gang rape protests.
Delhi Gang rape protests
Delhi Gang rape protests
Delhi gang Rape Vilolence.
Delhi gang Rape Vilolence.
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  1. A number of changes are needed in the existing rape laws. Let it be made mandatory to have every rapist medically examined for symptoms of insanity. (Only an insane man would rape a 5 year old child) If he is found to be sane, let him be subjected to the full rigor of the law, including the death penalty. Exempt rapes committed by juveniles . from the operation of the Juvenile laws and let them be treated as adults for the purpose of punishment. Let all errant policemen be punished for abetment of rape. Let those making irresponsible statements be punished. Since the mindset of our police is mired in the “Raj” mentality deliberately infused into them by the law makers, let us at least ensure that a better class of policemen is inducted by steeply raising the educational requirements for induction into the police force. Let the police be a highly paid force. Only then can we expect to see some talented and honest persons to join the Police and implement the law with fairness and probity.


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