Bones Tumble from Dracula Church Graveyard

The Count of Dracula  and Bram Stoker who can forget,not to forget  Christopher lee and Peter Cushing.


People may know that Count Dracula was a real person who lived in Transylvania and he is reported to have impaled his enemies heads in rows(1000 heads on both the sides of the road)


Christopher Lee as Dracula
Horror: Christopher Lee in the 1958 horror film Dracula which was inspired by Bram Stoker’s novel


The Church and the Graveyard associated with Dracula by Bram Stoker was hit by land slide and bones came tumbling down the slope!


Dracula;Church Graveyard
Grave danger: Human bones have crumbled off the side of the cliff where St Mary’s Church, in Whitby, stands


Dracula Graveyard..
Goths who flocked to the graveyard because of its links to Dracula were banned from the churchyard in 2011


A historic church and graveyard which features in Bram Stoker’s Gothic novel Dracula is faced with a horror story of its own.

Human bones uncovered after a landslide last month have been washed down the cliff St Mary‘s Church stands on in Whitby after heavy rainfall.

The human remains are then being collected at the bottom of the cliff face and re-buried.


St Mary’s Reverend Canon David Smith said: ‘The cemetery has been a closed for more than a century so if any graves are exposed it’s only bones.

‘If anything is exposed we collect and reinter them in the same churchyard away from the edge.’


There are fears the cliff the church stands on will eventually collapse in years to come.

The cemetery closed in 1865 but people still use the church.

Rev. Smith said: ‘St Mary’s is the oldest building left in Whitby. It is a grade one listed building and still the parish church so it would be a loss to the community.’

Dracula Full Movie.

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