Man Tweets Live as He Commits Suicide!

A 22-year-old Tweets as he commits suicide.

He was an aspiring Rapper and seems to have been overworked and been Drugged.

Autopsy report is awaited.

In the process of becoming famous people seem to ignore Health issues,this boy went with out Sleep for 6 Hours.!

Probably he had none to lean his shoulders on.

So he takes on he Tweeter route.

Let communication be between persons.


Annnd, my day is ruined.

Tweet text Reply to @Freddy_E

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@Freddy_E It’s sad he had to go & ppl think before you say something bad You don’t know what could be wrong with them… 😔 R.i.p 🙏

The 22-year-old, whose real name is Freddy E. Buhl, was an aspiring rapper with a popular YouTube program called “Jerk TV.” He also had a large following on Twitter.

King County Medical Examiner‘s Office investigator Nick Fletcher told the Associated Press that suicide is the presumed cause of death but that an autopsy would be performed.

The Seattle rapper is believed to have tweeted in the moments leading up to his apparent suicide.

In the hours before his death, Buhl claimed that he had been awake for 69 hours. He documented his night of partying and made allegations that he had been drugged.

But by the afternoon of Jan. 5, the rapper began a series of tweets that would culminate with his death.

“Annnd, my day is ruined,” he tweeted.

The rapper proceeded to tweet that he loved his parents, before writing what would be his last message: “God… please forgive me…I’m sorry.


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