‘Be Gay Bishops,But No Sex’ Church.

In a typical double speak, Church of England has allowed Gays to be Bishops or (is it that Bishops who are Gay are allowed?)


There are accepted though gays, but one glitch is the directive  “Do not have Sex


What exactly these jokers mean?


By nature the Church is hypocritical and English, master of Double-speak.


When these come together, this will be the result.


How do these Eminences proceed from here?


Gay Bishop
Gay Bisops


‘The Church of England reopened discussion of the most divisive issue in Anglicanism last night by unexpectedly saying that openly gay men could become bishops, providing they are celibate.

The timing of the announcement took supporters and opponents of gay bishops by surprise, and the decision threatens to present incoming Archbishop of Canterbury, the Rt Rev Justin Welby, with renewed infighting in the Anglican Church over the issue of sexual orientation.

One leading conservative last night warned the U-turn would put the debate about women bishops in the shade and “finally divide the Anglican Communion completely”.

In 2005, the Church decided that someone in a same-sex civil partnership could become a priest as long as they were celibate, but said nothing about whether someone in the same position could become a bishop.

In 2011, with conservatives threatening to cleave the Church in two if any new appointments were made, senior Church leaders brought in a moratorium on any further elevation of a gay clergyman to the role of bishop.


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2 thoughts on “‘Be Gay Bishops,But No Sex’ Church.

  1. Recently the butler of Vatican was sentenced to jail for revealing the secret papers of Vatican. These papers dealt with the problem of growing corruption and child sex abuse in the church in general and Vatican in particular.Late few days before Christmas Pope had a closed door meeting with him after which he was ‘pardoned’ and freed but without service in Vatican.Holy Grail and Opus Dei are other organs of the organised church that are beyond the comprehension of even those who claim to be church experts.


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