Sex Partners And Mathematics Formula?

Number of Sex partners can be calculated with the help of Mathematics!


A contributor to REDDIT has revealed the mathematical Details  .


Fundamentally every thing may be broken down to Mathematical Formulas.


Take for example the number of genes,the constitution of each cell,The Atom.


Eminently possible.


The catch is the man has worked out for a show  ‘Friends’


But, as the Bar has said ‘All the World is a Stage’


The concept of a Drama a TV show originates in the Mind , a mind has found a formula to unravel it.


So looks possible that we  be able to find a mathematical formula for sexual behavior.



Sex and Mathematics.
Sex and Mathematics.

I know every Friend episode by heart. I watched each and every one of them more than once to come up with this total, which includes past sex partners that are just mentioned. Detailed Excel spreadsheet and everything. I wish someone would do a graphic representation of this. (Here is the only graph I attempted.)

This is the general data:

Confirmed sex (either by strong innuendo or plain admission) = 1. Unconfirmed sex (e.g., ‘I dated a guy…’) = 0,5.

  • Chandler: 10.5 sex partners
  • Ross: 14 sex partners
  • Monica: 14.5 sex partners
  • Rachel: 15.5 sex partners
  • Phoebe: 32.5 sex partners
  • Joey: 51.5 sex partners

Some trivia:

  • In episode 22 of Season 2 (“The One with the Two Parties”), Joey took the lead in sex partner count and there was no way back.
  • Joey and Ross have taken part in threesomes. (EDIT: As several redditors pointed out, Ross’ threesome wasn’t really real. The other woman taking part (Susan) wasn’t included in Ross’ stats, so the numbers are fine. No worries. Thankfully, the universe isn’t going to implode.)
  • Season 6 was definitely the quietest sex-wise. Only 4.5 new sex partners are discovered.
  • During Season 1, Monica is the most promiscuous character (with 9.5 sex partners discovered). In Season 3 Joey breaks this record, with 10.5 new sex partners discovered.
  • Chandler holds the record for LESS new partners discovered continuously. After having sex with Monica (end of Season 4), no new sex partners are discovered until the end of the series (i.e., 6 seasons with no new sex partners mentioned.) Regarding Monica, we discover in episode 11 of Season 7 (“The One with All the Cheesecakes”) that she had had sex with Stuart, her cousin’s new husband.
  • Phoebe surpasses Joey in new sex partners’ discoveries in 4 seasons (1, 6, 8 and 10).


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