SUN Letter ON Falklands Argentina If Colonies Write back

Britain refused.

Meanwhile the SUN, British daily published an advertisement in Argentina, a rebuttal.

Britain conveniently forgets that it trampled countries allover the world by colonizing it.

A hotch-potch of different national identification, United Kingdom exists only in name.

If you any doubt. ask a Welsh,Irish or a Scotsman.

If the countries Britain colonized were to ask for reparation damages for pilfering other nations, what will it do?

Britain, under the garb of protected territories still continues its colonialism elsewhere in the world.


Update on 19 January.


I received a colorful comment for this post and there are two ratings “Poor’.


(that the post received 18 Likes is  a different matter-Obviously from the colonized!)


Obviously from the British.


They asked me to Study History.


This is Britain’s History.


“Everybody knew that the British loved to conquer lots of countries for their precious empire. It’s not until somebody sits down and actually counts all of them that we realize just how many. Historian Stuart Laycock was happy to volunteer for the job and presents his findings in a new book All the Countries We’ve Ever Invaded: And the Few We Never Got Round To. The book stays true to its title and finds in a survey of 200 of the world’s countries through that, in one shape or form, Great Britain has invaded all but 22 of them. That amounts to about 90 percent of the world’s countries.”





Argentina laid claims to Falklands which Britain took from it ,claiming British Sovereignty over the Islands.

Argentinian President wrote to the British Prime Minister asking Britain to return it.

Britain refused.

Meanwhile the SUN, British daily published an advertisement in Argentina, a rebuttal.

Britain conveniently forgets that it trampled countries all over the world by colonizing it.

A hotchpotch of different national identification, United Kingdom exists only in name.

If you any doubt. ask a Welsh,Irish or a Scotsman.

If the countries Britain colonized were to ask for reparation damages for pilfering other nations, what will it do?

Britain, under the garb of protected territories still continues its colonialism elsewhere in the world.

SUN Coverage Falklands War
SUN Coverage of Falklands War


Buenos Aires, January 3rd, 2013

Mr Prime Minister David Cameron,

One hundred and eighty years ago on the same date, January 3rd, in a blatant exercise of 19th-century colonialism, Argentina was forcibly stripped of the Malvinas Islands, which are situated 14,000km (8700 miles) away from London.

The Argentines on the Islands were expelled by the Royal Navy and the United Kingdom subsequently began a population implantation process similar to that applied to other territories under colonial rule.

Since then, Britain, the colonial power, has refused to return the territories to the Argentine Republic, thus preventing it from restoring its territorial integrity.

The Question of the Malvinas Islands is also a cause embraced by Latin America and by a vast majority of peoples and governments around the world that reject colonialism.

In 1960, the United Nations proclaimed the necessity of “bringing to an end colonialism in all its forms and manifestations”. In 1965, the General Assembly adopted, with no votes against (not even by the United Kingdom), a resolution considering the Malvinas Islands a colonial case and inviting the two countries to negotiate a solution to the sovereignty dispute between them.

This was followed by many other resolutions to that effect.

In the name of the Argentine people, I reiterate our invitation for us to abide by the resolutions of the United Nations.

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner
President of the Argentine Republic

The British PMs reaction may be found in the Link.

SUN Advertisement in Argentina.

SUN Advertisement on Falklands In Argentina.
SUN Advertisement on Falklands In Argentina.

PM David Cameron yesterday backed the islanders remaining British.

We fired off our newspaper message to Kirchner in her native Spanish.

She accused Britain of stealing the islands in adverts placed in left-wing British papers The Guardian and Independent.

But in an open letter today in the Buenos Aires Herald, translated below, The Sun tells her Britain has had sovereignty there before Argentina even existed.

And we remind her how the Argentine invasion of the islands in 1982, which was ended by our troops, was against the UN charter.

The islanders hold a referendum on whether they remain British in March.

But The Sun responded by taking out an advert in the Buenos Aires Herald – an English-language paper with a circulation of around 20,000 – telling Argentina to keep its “hands off”.

The advert refers to the 649 Argentinian and 255 British servicemen whose lives were lost in the 1982 war and said it was a conflict fought to defend the principle of self-determination.

The ad goes on to dispute Argentina’s claim to the islands and points out British sovereignty dates back to 1765.

It ends with the words: “Until the people of the Falkland Islands choose to become Argentinian, they remain resolutely British.”

But the journalist Daniel Schweimler, who lives in Argentina, said the Sun’s message would not go down well.

Demo outside British Embassy in Buenos AiresArgentine veterans protested outside the British Embassy in Buenos Aires

Mr Schweimler, who is based in Buenos Aires, said: “I’ve been here seven years now, and have never come across an Argentine who doesn’t believe that the Falklands belong to Argentina.

“There’s never been any animosity towards me when I say I’m British, but I think it’s fair to say that almost across the board in a country of 40 million people that Las Malvinas, the Falklands, belong to them,” he added.

Argentine journalist Celina Andreassi agreed and says the Sun’s advert was quite provocative-BBC news.

Read the advertisement Text at the SUN link above.

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2 thoughts on “SUN Letter ON Falklands Argentina If Colonies Write back”

  1. Ignoramus. Do some history lessons, and you’ll find out that there were ZERO people living on the island – ZERO – when it was first claimed by the British back in 1765, when you Indians were still kicking your womenfolk about like footballs. Oh, I see you still are! Oh well.


    1. Thank you for your courteous comments.
      May be I could return the Compliments, but I won’t.
      As to the post, please reads the post.
      Nowhere have I endorsed the demand of Argentina on Falklands.
      The import of the blog is that Britain has colonized the entire World ,even those Nations like India which were in existence since Britain was not even conceived, looted them
      Look at the mess they left Palestine in 1948, promising the same thing to both the Jews and the Arabs.
      Under the illusion of being an Empire!


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