Obscene Quiz Show Channel 4

Judge for ourself


I am providing the Link for Channel 4 where a Quiz called Big fat Quiz of the year 2012 was telecast and has drawn widespread ire.

Watch it.In case you can not watch in your location watch th YouTube  clipping, though it is not as detailed.


Brains behind the Big Fat Quiz 2012 Channel 4
Anger: Comedian Jack Whitehall and actor James Corden were behind many of the offensive remarks on Channel 4’s Big Fat Quiz of the year 2012


Butt of obscene jokes.
Bad taste: Obscene jokes were also made about the Queen (




You may judge  for yourself.





Comedy panel show featured vile sexual slurs minutes after 9pm watershed
Television watchdog received at least 140 complaints about quiz’s content
Ofcom under pressure to investigate why programme aired during holidays
Both Channel 4 and members of the board have so far refused to comment


Channel 4 executives last night stubbornly refused to break their silence on the Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2012 controversy – despite more than 240 complaints from viewers appalled by its obscene jokes.
The comedy panel show featured countless vile sexual slurs from the comedian Jack Whitehall and the actor James Corden just minutes after the 9pm watershed on Sunday.
Egged on by Jonathan Ross, the pair swigged red wine as they made obscene comments about the Queen, sprinter Usain Bolt, President Obama and singer Susan Boyle.
Television watchdog Ofcom yesterday confirmed it had received at least 140 complaints about the quiz’s lewd content and C4 said it had received another 100.
It means Ofcom is coming under increased pressure to launch an investigation into why C4 bosses allowed the pre-recorded show to be broadcast at primetime during the Christmas holidays.

Despite the deluge of criticism, C4 has refused to comment on the furore but it confirmed an uncensored repeat will be aired tonight.
Members of the broadcaster’s non-executive board – who are appointed as overseers by Ofcom – have also remained silent.

Only one board member, Mark Price, responded to the Daily Mail’s requests for a comment, saying only that it was not up to the board to make ‘creative’ decisions.
The C4 press office last night said its board members would not be making any comment. It repeated a request for us not to contact its chairman Lord Burns and said its chief executive David Abraham was still on holiday in Vietnam.
The only comment C4 would make was one issued on New Year’s Eve which said: ‘Big Fat Quiz Of The Year is a well-established comedic and satirical review of the year’s events with well-known guests and was broadcast after the watershed with appropriate warnings.’



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