100 Million $ HinduTemple in US But..

While it is laudable that a Hindu Temple is built at such a cost,wouldn’t be better if some money could be spent on the Ancient Temples in India, which are in a state of disrepair?


Swaminaraayan Temple ,Hollywood has been built at a cost of 100 Million $.


While it is laudable that a Hindu Temple is built at such a cost,wouldn’t be better if some money could be spent on the Ancient Temples in India, which  are in a state of disrepair?

Hindu Temple,Hollywood
Hindu Temple,Hollywood 100 Million Dollars


Days after its inauguration, one of the biggest Hindu temple in US, built at a colossal cost of USD 100 million and designed to last 1,000 years has become a major draw for its grandeur and architecture.

The 68th Swaminarayan temple built near the Hollywood city in Los Angeles has been carved out of traditional stone and marble and cutting edge technology to protect it from earthquakes.

“The Mandir is a beautiful testament to the hard work of your congregation who has spent several years to build this place of worship,” Chino Hill Mayor Peter Rogers said.

“The Mandir and Cultural Center will indeed be a place that Chino Hills can be proud of for so many, many generations,” he added.

Constructed from 35,000 pieces of meticulously hand carved Italian Carrara marble and Indian Pink Sandstone, the temple encompasses five pinnacles, two large domes, four balconies, 122 pillars and 129 archways.

From the external walls and domes to the inside pillars and ceilings, the Mandir is completely etched with intricate carvings in marble and sandstone.

The 6,600 hand-carved motifs depict a mosaic of tales of inspiration, devotion and dedication, along with historical figures from Hinduism, temple officials said.

“Artisans created the carvings in India with great love, skill and patience before the pieces were shipped to Chino Hills,” a BAPS statement said.

The Mandir is situated on a 20-acre site, complete with 91 foot lotus-shaped reflection pond, a Cultural Center, gymnasium and classrooms.

It is designed to “calm the mind and open it,” said Ronak Patel, a volunteer of the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha.


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7 thoughts on “100 Million $ HinduTemple in US But..”

  1. “wouldn’t be better if some money could be spent on the Ancient Temples in India, which are in a state of disrepair?”
    Indeed. Very true indeed.
    But the fact is, most Indian are driven by selfishness and a lack of collective pride in their country.
    Classic Indian attitude…of no acknowledgement or happiness in the achievements of fellow citizens, past or present. Take a look at the modern day ‘selfie engrossed’ slaves of India today…
    Anyway – what can we do to help ‘repair’ the glorious temples of India’s truly great past?
    I would like to work on such a project.


  2. In Chicago also they have built a Grand Swaminarayan Temple.Its sculpture is marvellous.The stone work, I was told, was done in Rajasthan.It gave an impression of mini Ranakpur Temple(A temple situated at Ranakpur, between Udaipur and Jodhpur) in Rajasthan with exquisite sculpture.


  3. Right now I was going through a mail where the author had questioned our passion for constructing temples abroad. He said that when we go abroad we built temples whereas when the Englishmen came here they built schools.Situation is different. But the question is important.


    1. True,
      But the purpose of the British to build schools was to enslave and not with the intention of serving the Indian Society.
      You may read the Speech of Macauly on English as medium of Instructuion in India in The British Parliament
      However our people might construct schools and more importantly make education available at a low cost


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