Grand Father,72, Models Teens Dress Photos Video

A 72 year Grand father has modeled for Teen’s clothing and posed as a joke and he has become  a sensation on the Internet.

Novelty, Thy name is Advertisement!


Grandfather Models for Teens' Dress,China.
Grandfather Models for Teens’ Dress
Although Liu’s granddaughter Ms Lv posted the photos as a joke, they have now gone global – and her store has seen sales increase fivefold Garnd fathet Models Teens dress.

A Chinese grandfather has won worldwide fame after photographs of him modelling women’s clothing were posted to the internet.

Seventy two year old Liu Xianping posed in outfits from his granddaughter’s fashion store Yuekou for a joke.

But when Ms Lv posted the snaps online, the two were surprised to find the photos go viral almost overnight.

What began as a lighthearted joke fast became a successful publicity campaign after the images went global – and Ms Lv saw sales soar.

Grand Father Models for Teens Dress.
Elegant: Liu Xianping’s slim legs have become the envy of women everywhere – and he shows them off to their best in over-the-knee socks and mini skirts

Posing in a sequence of outfits, his long slim legs and slender physique shows Yuekou’s clothing off to its full advantage – and has earned the store infinite more hits than if a regular model had been used.

Indeed, since Liu’s photographs, posted on Tmall, one of China’s leading retail sites, went viral, sales at Yuekou have increased fivefold.

Liu’s legs are reportedly the envy of women all over China – even the world. ‘He has such a good figure,’ reported one fan as saying. ‘He has such a good figure, especially those legs!’ and another likening the elderly gent to Karl Lagerfeld.

For his part, Liu told China Newsweek that he is glad to model for the store – and happy to be able to help his family.

‘Why unacceptable for someone like me to wear women’s clothes? Modelling for the store is helping my granddaughter and I have nothing to lose,’ he said.

‘We were very happy on the day of the shooting. I’m very old and all that I care about is to be happy.

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