Delhi Gang Rape Disturbing Facts Images Media Coverage

Now that Nirbhaya, who was gang raped and died subsequently. it is time to reflect on some disturbing facts.

New York Times and The Washington Post , have in addition to news coverage,have blogs on the incident as well.

NYT has at least 10  News articles showing up in Google search on the subject.”

In addition analysis like  Leaders’ Response Magnifies Outrage in India Rape Case

The Washington Post has a very detailed Blog and has about  5 in the Google first page result.

This is apart from a very wide coverage of the rape.

These are ,apart from the coverage of the Agitation,Treatment at Singapore, and death.

There were also  excessive coverage  over the remarks of Abhijit Mukeherji,and some other leaders on the agitation on television channels in India.

The coverage, in my view, by the Foreign Media, is surprising for the incident as the coverage, there has been in similar previous cases.

But such an ind depth coverage and to the extent of spending too much space ont he issue, while they had many other top stories to cover?

The coverage by the UK is equally exhaustive.

Look at some of the images from the Mail UK.

I am reproducing one here.

Delhi gang rape Agitation.
A protester with hands coloured in fake blood holds a candle during a protest campaign by Youth Congress against the gang rape of the student


“A protester with hands coloured in fake blood holds a candle during a protest campaign by Youth Congress against the gang rape of the student.

A protester ,on such a solemn occasion, spends time to have artificial blood applied to her hands and look at her face-clear question of posing!

Some images which show the agitators indulging in violence, seem to be well organised.

Some thing is not right.

The target of the protesters’ anger seems to be India’s archaic sexual violence laws and a culture of impunity for offenders, with even authorities demonstrating a blase attitude toward rape. In the wake of the Dec. 16 incident, officials have been criticized for belittling rape victims, and the son of India’s president apologized after calling the protesters “highly dented and painted” women, who go “from discos to demonstrations,” the AP reported.

Protesters have called for far worse fates for India’s rapists than online exposure — including execution and chemical castration. Some argue that the public database is far from an effective remedy for the epidemic of violence. Writing in First Post,  says the idea seems like the move of a government grasping for a quick fix to appease popular fury:

It’s always worrisome when policies are cooked up in an overheated chamber of  righteous popular outrage. This proposed database seems prompted less by a concern for public safety than a belated attempt by a flatfooted government to give the appearance of swift action. If we cannot hang them in the public square, let’s hang them in a public database at least.

If groups of people are capable of gang-raping innocent women, he argues, they might be just as likely to target even suspect rapists for vigilante justice, as they already have following the gang-rape incident:

Soon after the Delhi gangrape, five men in a Jharkhand village,  all “suspected eve teasers” were beaten to death by an angry mob.

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2 thoughts on “Delhi Gang Rape Disturbing Facts Images Media Coverage

  1. Good. Perhaps international pressure, exposure and shame will force us to act better than what has happened so far – 500 rape cases in Delhi alone.

    If system cant deliver justice in fair time, it is inevitable people take things in their own hands.

    If rape is physical violat5ion, corruption is social and even worse. I hope we get a similar exposure. As it is we must be rated very high in corruption scale.


    1. Yes. At the same time I find the extraordinary coverage by the Western media,especially when they have more important and relevant topics like ‘fiscal cliff!. strange..


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