The Rape Test and The Delhi Gang Rape

I have been under the impression that the Rape Testa conducted on the victims of sexual attack is very scientific and advanned.


To my shock this is how the ‘Rape Test’ is conducted in India.

Delhi Gang rape.
Delhi Gang rape Victim


‘An international human rights group urged India last week to ban a “degrading and unscientific” test commonly performed on rapevictims to see if they have previous sexual experience.

In the test, a doctor inserts fingers into the victim during the forensicexamination to test for “vaginal laxity” and is expected to deliver a medical opinion as to whether she appears to be “habituated to sexual intercourse.” The group, Human Rights Watchargued that the testconstituted a second assault on a traumatized woman”


Is this the way the this issue is being handled?


Why do we have A Ministry of Women and Child Development?


What have the courts been doing, being blind to the tests conducted?




“The level of care – including counseling – provided to the New Delhi gang rape victim and her family, demonstrates that political will can ensure support and care for victims of sexual assault, Human Rights Watch said. But this only followed public outrage and demonstrations after the attack. Human Rights Watch research has found that survivors usually find it difficult to register police complaints, and often go from one hospital to another even for a medical examination, and often report suffering humiliation at police stations and hospitals.

India does not have a uniform protocol for medical treatment and examination of survivors of sexual assault, making responses ad hoc and unpredictable, and in the worst cases, degrading and counter-productive. This is reflected in the continued use of the so-called “finger test,” which Human Rights Watch documented in a 2010 report. While conducting medical examinations, many doctors record unscientific and degrading findings, which involve noting the “laxity” of the vagina or hymen, apparently to determine whether the victims are “virgins” or “habituated to sexual intercourse.” Often doctors, police, and judges look for evidence of “struggle” or “injuries,” especially hymenal injuries, in the medical examination report, discrediting those who do not report such injuries.”






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5 thoughts on “The Rape Test and The Delhi Gang Rape”

  1. At firstt india shud stop all those nude n item kind of songs n films..which makes people mostly guys to think vulgarly about wat happen to those producers.munni badnam hue kalkat jawani shila ki jawani..omg…we know the government of countries like india bangladesh pakistan they will always be corrupted.they will nvr take any action for anything.plz guys we r the ppl of the society n it is our duty to save our culture our media n our ppl.we shud stand against all odd.


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