Reasons for Rape in India

Now that Nirbhaya,  the  girl who was gang raped in New Delhi has died,people are waking up to the reality of Rapes in India.

The Western newspapers are awash with articles on the subject.

Victim of Delhi gang rape.
Nirbhaya, Victim of Delhi gang rape.

I found a reasonable good one which analyses the issue of rape.

That is from The Washington Post.

Following are the reasons  cited.

Fewer Female Police Personnel.


Even the quality of women Police available is  disheartening.

I have found the women Police to be more heartless than a Policeman in terms of character and humane approach to family issues brought into Police Stations.

These women Police ensure that they get a good bribe to settle the issue even if what is agreed upon is totally unjustifiable.

Lockup rapes are most common.

Recruiting good material for the workforce will be the right step.

And the training of Police force, both Men and women must be scientific and they must be made people friendly.


Police Force.

‘Delhi, for example, is home to one of the largest metropolitan police forces in the world with some 84,000 officers. But only one-third are involved in any kind of actual “policing” at any given time, while the rest provide protection services to various politicians, senior bureaucrats, diplomats and other elites. According to the Times of India there is one officer for every 200 citizens and about 20 officers for every VIP. Many of those who do perform police duties can be found shaking down motorists, participating in protection rackets and simply looking the other way as crimes take place.’

Yes, the strength of The Police Force must be increased

Useless and avoidable deployment of Police Force for the Security of Politicians must  be dispensed with(most of the politicians deserve to be a security risk and I wish they succumb to the threat!)

Blaming Provocative Clothing.

There’s a tendency to assume the victims of sexual violence somehow brought it on themselves. In a 1996 survey of judges in India, 68 percent of the respondents said that provocative clothing is an invitation to rape. In response to the recent gang-rape incident, a legislator in Rajasthan suggested banning skirts as a uniform for girls in private schools, citing it as the reason for increased cases of sexual harassment.

I disagree with this point  in that while Rape is not the direct outcome of provocative clothing, one can not deny that provocative clothing provokes.

Even the term ‘provoke’ is used by the author to indicate the rekindling and egging of the desire!

Women, for their safety, must ensure they  do not wear dresses that expose their body.

One never knows how many perverts are up there, who imagine bedding every thing in sight!

Asking women to be careful is not a denial of their rights.

Acceptance of Domestic Violence.


This is to be addressed by the families of the men and women.

Here I mean the domestic violence by women as well.

Lack of Public Safety.

True with the rider that one can not  roam about bars frequented by the flotsam and jetsam of the society.

The attempt to compromise the rape issue outside the Court also encourages the incidence of rape.

The point to be observed is that while people who talk highly fo liberation of women and self-professed Liberals, How Many of them are prepared to take a girl who was raped as one’s daughter  in-law or men who will marry such a girl?

This will take some time.

As things stand, the  Court hearing can be held in camera , to begin with.

Sluggish court system, Low Convictions and the low status of women.


The points missed out.

The Lifestyle of Drinking, late night Partying , adoption of Western values, loss of family values, Single parenting do have a major role to play.

I will be posting Blog on The law of Rape in India and the need for Reform.

This includes a proper definition of Rape.

In the frenzy of punishing rapists, one should not take a woman’s word at its face value at every instance.




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