Is The Present ‘Manusmrti’ Meant for Us Manu Facts

Manu is the son of Brahma.

Time, Hindu Concept.
Hindu Concept of Time.

One Manu rules one Manvantara.

There are 14 Manus, each ruling one Manvantara.

One Manvantara lasts  (‘431,8000 *  4(one Cycle of Chatur Yuga)   =   17,27 2000 Years *71 Cycles )= 1226312000 Years.

We are in the Swetavaraha Kalpa.

The Name of the Manu for this Svetavaraha kalpa is  Vaivasvata and The Manvantara is Vaivasvatham.

The Manusmriti we talk abut,  one is not sure, belongs to this Vaivasvata Manu.

Or  are we talking about the first Manu, Swayam bhuba Manu’s Rules?

The information in the Internet is not clear

Will some one clarify?

Names of Manus.


Manvantara № Name of Manu for manvantara: Manvantara-avatara name:
01 Svayambhuva Manu Yajna
02 Svarocisha Manu Vibhu
03 Uttama Manu Satyasena
04 Tamasa Manu Hari
05 Raivata Manu Vaikuntha
06 Cakshusha Manu Ajita
07 Vaivasvata Manu (current) Vamana
08 Savarni Manu Sarvabhauma
09 Daksha-savarni Manu Rishabha
10 Brahma-savarni Manu Vishvaksena
11 Dharma-savarni Manu Dharmasetu
12 Rudra-savarni Manu Sudhama
13 Deva-savarni Manu Yogesvara
14 Indra-savarni Manu Brihadbhanu

Above are the names of the Fourteen Manus.

Source;Vishnu Purana.


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