9/11 Attack Did It Have Nuclear Debri?

People who were engaged in rescue operations following the attack on World Trade center on 9/11/,2001 were found to be suffering from increased risks of asthmastress-related mental health problems, in a study conducted earlier.

9/11 Attack
A photo taken on September 11, 2001 by the New York City Police Department as the North Tower collapses, engulfing lower Manhattan in smoke and ash. (Photo: AP Photo/NYPD, Det. Greg Semendinger)

A new Study

“from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene are analyzing data from the World Trade Center (WTC) Health Registry to determine possible effects, if any, of the Twin Towers’ collapse on cancer risk.

“Dust, debris, and fumes from the WTC contained known and suspected carcinogens, including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, asbestos, benzene, and dioxins,” the researchers write in their article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

“At issue is whether dosages to exposed individuals were sufficient to cause excess malignancies and, if so, whether such excesses are […] detectable at present,” they write.

The researchers focused on nearly 55,700 people, 22,000 of whom were recovery and rescue workers (fire fighters, other first responders, construction workers, transportation workers, sanitation crews, security, and more) and the remainder of whom live in lower Manhattan, near the Towers. So far, the team only analyzed data on health outcomes, including the incidence of 23 different types of cancer, of these people through the end of 2008. While that is a relatively short time period for cancers to emerge, five to seven years after 9/11 the data already suggest that rescue and recovery workers harbor a 43% higher risk of prostate cancer compared to other residents of New York State during that the time, even after the scientists adjusted for age, sex, race, and smoking status. The risks of thyroid cancer and of myeloma (a disease of the blood plasma cells) were more than double that of ordinary New Yorkers. The heightened cancer risk, however, was not found among residents or others who were briefly exposed to the debris in the hours after the terrorist attacks.

…In the mean time, it’s not entirely clear why prostate cancer, thyroid cancer, and myeloma would be most strongly associated with WTC exposure. Myeloma, which is relatively rare, has been correlated previously with some workplace exposure to hazardous materials. But thyroid cancer has been linked more often to ionizing radiation, a risk factor not thought to be present at the WTC site, Stellman says. And as for prostate cancer, the environmental risk factors remain “elusive,” he says. “There’s no consensus among researchers.” He also acknowledges that the number of cancer cases in the registry is small, and that the data do not include data on other sources of potential exposure other than the Towers that might account for the elevated risk.”

The other unthinkable  source could have been Nuclear Debri from the attack site, which might indicate that the planes had  limited Nuclear device.


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2 thoughts on “9/11 Attack Did It Have Nuclear Debri?”

  1. If it is true that the planes had limited nuclear device it is a very serious matter. Because then the next question arises about the source of this nuclear device. If it was smuggled inside USA then the outside origin and if it was indigenous then the local source.In any case it is a very very serious matter.The Fifth Horseman by Larry Collins had a storyline where a thermonuclear device (a hydrogen bomb) was clandestinely smuggled into New York.And the target New York was chosen because, according to the story line,New York had maximum number of Jews in the world.When 9/11 happened the first thought that came to my mind was that the storyline of The Fifth Horseman has been enacted in reality.


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