Greig da ‘Whom one Hates to Hate’

Tony Greig, the entertaining Captain of England Cricket Team died on Saturday,29 December 12th.

He was battling lung Cancer.

A great competitor, an euphemism in ‘Cricket’, for a Cheat is , nevertheless loved by the opponents despite his aggressive behavior and sledging on the field.

He was an anti establishment ma whoo bucked them and, along with Kerry Packer, was responsible for the One Day format and Color Jerseys we see to-day.

A man, born in South Africa, played in England,disliked Aussies on the field and yet settled in Australia.

Couple of things are etched in my memory of Tony Greig.

Greig’s cradling of Gunadappa Vishwath, the elegant wristy player, on completion of century at  Mumbai 7 February 1973.

Tony Greig cradles Viswanath
Tony Greig cradles Vishwanath, Bombay 1973

His commentary, lovely and witty.

Tony GREIG Commentary Comedy

Tony Greig – Last Interview, Very Emotional, Talks about Cancer

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