Watch Your Funeral,Spend In Morgue Photo Essay

Attend Your Funeral
Attend Your Own Funeral

For around 3,000 dollars, you can arrange to have a full funeral service held, with music and sombre décor. Your celebration of life will be attended by a range of mourners selected according to your lifestyle, observed by….yourself! As you sit in the audience, you will see a closed casket, listen to an end of life speech by a minister, and observe your subsequent burial. The funeral package includes a carefully written obituary, and a remembrance session is offered for mourners to speak about your contributions to this world.

Night in The Morgue.
Spend a Night in the Morgue

If the funeral service is not enough, you can pay extra, around 2,000 dollars for a prior stay in the morgue following a staged accidental death. You will be taken to the facility after being placed in a body bag, with optional ID tag attached to your body bag. The deluxe package includes inspection by a mortician, with commentary. You will be presented with a cause of death certificate, medical records and notice of passing letter for next of kin. You have the option of listening to officials make phone calls to inform of your passing prior to your trip to the facility.

Arrange Your Kidnapping.
Arrange Your Kidnapping.

A French company called Ultime Realite offers the service of a complete, simulated kidnapping to clients, who pay anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. Thriller seekers are stalked for around 5-7 days after signing a waiver and terms of reference form. They will then be seized by men in black, tossed into a car, and left in a holding cell or other undisclosed location. Clients will be interrogated, robbed, threatened or held for ransom depending on the nature of the experience they have selected. A negotiator may be brought in to discuss terms. Captivity may last up to 11 hours before the “victim” is finally released.



Night Dive with Manta Rays
Night Dive with Manta Rays


Want to push your comfort zone to the edges? Face your fear of huge fish by diving with 20 foot Manta Rays, also known as Devilfish. These humungous creatures fly through the water with wings, and weigh hundreds of pounds. Your experience will include unrestrained scuba diving through the natural habitat of the real life sea monsters, which will sweep past you to feed on the sea creatures attracted by your shining water flashlight. Expect to be circled and nudged as these close relatives of sharks approach. Manta Rays do not deliberately hunt humans, but they do have teeth, and can swallow large objects…

If most extreme sports are not extreme enough, then why not combine them with well pressed clothing? Extreme Ironers perfect the pleat of their shirt in situations that would see many soak it with a cold sweat. Extreme Ironing International is an organization formed out of New Zealand in 1999 to promote the bizarre and awesome sport on a global scale. For a modest fee, competition rallies accept entries who pay to display shockingly irrational displays of ironing skill, including ironing while standing on a kayak, hanging from cliffs, while wakeboarding, and even while skydiving. “EI” often perform ironing board tricks, and may even iron beside deadly crocodiles.

This is what extreme Materialism does for oyu

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